Hi. I’m Krystal.

I’m a mama of five, a freethinker + unschooler, and a holistic living advocate.

Welcome to my digital home!

If you came to my ACTUAL home, I’d offer you a cup of tea with fresh mint + melissa leaves,
show you my essential oils, books, and crystal collection,
and make sure you smell the passionflowers (they’re just like grape candy)!

Y’know, the important stuff…that friends do.

Here, you’ll find intuitive + holistic wellness tips
for you to RETHINK + LEVEL UP your vitality!

Think of me as your lifestyle doula.

I practice a sort of listening alchemy that helps ppl clarify their goals
and find the courage to move forward.

(( whether that’s copywriting for your business ))

– or –
(( choosing the perfect oil blend for your body and mind ))


Since 2011, I’ve been actively focused on growth, both personally and professionally.

I live in pursuit of a holistic outlook on life – it’s how I care for my body, mind, and soul.

xo ~ Krystal

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My life is my art, my art is my message.

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