Hey…I want to ask you something:

Are you passionate about natural wellness, but feel stuck in certain ways?

How might your life be different if you had just a little more time – or money – to play with?

Maybe you don’t have as much energy as you used to, and your sleep habits…well, they’re not that great either.

I’m guessing you want to give yourself and your kids the best, but you’re still falling a bit short of the life you dream of. I know how that feels. I’ve been there.

I promise it IS possible to manifest the biz and life you’ve yearned for … while honoring your integrity, and caring for your family, too.

It’s not always easy, and it surely isn’t linear – but it IS possible! 

I’ve been a mama for almost two decades, and I’ve been earning money online for nearly that long (yes, pre-social media!). My interest in holistic living grew alongside my children (especially after facing a traumatic birth experience with my 3rd baby).

However, I had a lot of unhelpful beliefs around earning money and being a mama that kept me broke, stuck, and sad for a long time.

Since the birth of my fifth child in 2011, I’ve been actively focused on growth, both personally and professionally. My journey has been winding, long, and deep. (I used to think it was scary – but I’ve learned there’s a fine line between fear and exhilaration!)

When you’ve lived through trauma, sometimes it can take a while to remember how to LISTEN to your heart – to follow your intuition…instead of your fears.

I live in pursuit of a holistic outlook on life – from my parenting and relationships to how I care for my body, mind, and soul. Welcome to my digital home!

>> If you came to my ACTUAL home, I’d offer you a cup of tea with fresh mint from my patio, show you my essential oil and crystal collection, and make sure you took some deep breaths in my rose garden!

xo ~ Krystal

What you’ll find here at Krystal Trammell…



Are you interested in living a more natural lifestyle? You’re not alone! The latest research shows that maintaining our vitality is a holistic affair. 

From the foods you eat to the thoughts you think, every choice you make impacts your wellbeing on some level. There are so many natural solutions to help support our body’s innate ability to heal itself – and feel fantastic!

Learn with me in this extensive masterclass on holistic wellness, delivered to your inbox for free.


You’ve got goals, you just need some professional support (and company!) to keep you on track.

…plus, I can help walk you through the exact steps to set up your mailing list backend, so you don’t feel like you need to cry about it!

Even better, I can also help you uncover the energetic and emotional patterns at play that are holding you back, and provide you with the tools to break free.

>> I offer weekly and bi-monthly accountability calls for DIY-minded women who want to save time, get to the root of their challenges, and Get Things Done.


LET ME HELP YOU BUILD YOUR OWN dōTERRA BUSINESS! You’ll be welcomed into our active + visionary team of holistic professionals.

I’m in the business of helping people to heal their bodies and minds; their emotions and traumas. It’s less a “job” and more like a calling.

Imagine having a job that rewards your personal growth and helps knit together communities of women who want to heal the world – that’s dōTERRA!

I am COMMITTED to building a retirement plan + residual income as I grow toward leadership…and I’m looking for some amazing women to join me on this adventure.

Join my team today, and let’s soar together!

  • intensive 1-1 and mastermind-style support & advice;
  • customized wellness strategy for you + your family;
  • essential oil education from basic to advanced
  • incredible business and professional education + support
  • custom website creation, hosting, and management;
  • mailing list + sales funnel + lead magnet guidance
  • …everything you need to embody your values and start living your best life, naturally!


Why me?

I’ve used essential oils since 2003(!) and I’m well-versed in all things holistic wellness + natural living.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009, and I’ve been copywriting and editing on a professional level since 2014.

Several of the women I currently write for consistently earn 6-7 figures, so I’m acquainted with playing big.

I know and love tech + biz, and I’ve also got a massive healer’s heart. Your success is my joy!

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