Should “Modesty” Apply to Breastfeeding? Nursing tops and more…

Some folks still insist that covering up is important and encourage the use of nursing covers and other tools for “modesty”. They feel that breastfeeding should be done away from public view (especially if boys or men are around!)–even if that means retreating from social functions. 

I’m not going to tell you the “right” way to breastfeed in public, because the only “right” way is whatever works for your baby and honors your own feelings.

Not the feelings of your husband or grandma, or of the strangers who might witness you feeding your baby.  

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Your Baby’s Legal Right to Breastfeed

It’s 2018–breastfeeding in public should no longer be a controversial topic.

The fact is, your baby needs to eat no matter where you are or who might notice.

Don’t let anyone tell you to feed your baby in a restroom, dressing room, your car, or anywhere else where you’d feel uncomfortable eating a meal!

You and your baby deserve more respect than that.

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