My Journey to and Beyond Vegetarianism–Part 1

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 17 years–but I’m currently experiencing an inner earthquake of thoughts on health, ethics, nutrition and more–and I need to write about it.  The next few posts are going to chronicle my thought process and dietary evolution up to the precarious, interesting point of view I’m at now.

I first went veg as a teen, along with my mother, who was becoming veg again for the third or fourth time in her life (she had a habit of not staying true to herSelf in the face of ridicule or opposition from those closest to her).  I remember wanting Long John Silver’s chicken strips, and fish sandwiches from Burger King (we ate out a LOT), and then feeling so guilty after eating them. Continue reading

Evolution of a Homeschool Family–One Year Ago…

I wrote this about a year ago (in 2012), at the end of one of my more zealous attempts at “traditional” homeschooling.

>> I got divorced back in 2007, when I had just two children–but it took me many years….YEARS…to feel safe enough and strong enough to raise my two older children in the ways that I knew were right for them, without the influence of their dad.

I was so worried, for so long, that my ex would somehow interfere and make our lives hell. I no longer live with that kind of fear.

I found it amusing and wonderful to realize how far we’ve come since then.

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