15 Things About Who I Am

  • I feel like I am finding myself further down the path of adulthood than I anticipated at this point in my life.  How am I 35?  I realize that newer moms look up to me, and I want to say to them, wait, what?  I’m not the role model here.  How did all this time pass? I still feel so new and green at this parenting thing.  It just gets hard in different ways, not easier.
  • I never meant to be a mom, and yet, it’s at the core of my identity.  It’s also the thing I think I fail at most consistently. It’s the most raw, vulnerable, tender open wound that continually gets torn open again.  The lines blur between my kids and I, to where I don’t know where I end and where they begin.  I never did have solid edges to begin with, except when I was very small.

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