Unschooling & Parenting Respectfully – Without Feeling Like a Martyr

Are you feeling curious about unschooling and whether it might work for your family?

Wondering how to apply the principles of cooperative parenting with your kids?

I’ve definitely been there! My oldest child is now 18, and we’ve been working toward mutually respectful and cooperative relationships for a long time.

I first learned about gentle parenting in 2002, and we’ve been unschooling since 2004.

My family of seven has experimented with many variations of alternative parenting over the years.  We’ve tried so many things, and ultimately, what we’ve arrived at is something I call Relationship-Based Parenting.

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Inspiring the Peaceful Mother – An Interview

This interview was originally published in March 2014 as part of the lovely Olga Dossa’s “Inspiring Peace” series on being an empowered, joyful and peaceful mother. 

Olga Dossa:  What was the catalyst that inspired you into mothering the way that you do?

Krystal Trammell:  I became a mother when I was just 18, and my parenting style has really gone through many shifts and evolutions since that time, when I was so overwhelmed and terrified of messing everything up.

I suppose, when I really think back to just one thing – it was my desire to succeed in breastfeeding my second child, which led me to La Leche League’s work – that was truly the first step in the journey towards Now.

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Why I don’t owe you an explanation of my NO.

This article is also posted on theHomestead.Guru, under the title, Why You Should Say NO More Often and Give Fewer Fucks

For many years, I thought that it was my responsibility, my duty, to deep-dive into the most terrible and baffling things, in some mad hope of understanding them in order to transmute them–to bring about healing.

I thought I had to suffer in order to heal suffering.
Then I realized that was hopelessly arrogant of me.

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