How to make lavish DIY Facial Serum that’s better than store-bought

Does your skincare routine need an overhaul?

It’s really easy to make high-quality skincare items that nourish your skin and are free of questionable ingredients. Personally, I won’t put anything on my skin unless I’m confident in what it is and where it came from!

To make your own facial serum, all you’ll need is essential oils, carrier oils, and a 1oz or 1/2 oz dropper bottle.

How can I adjust this recipe to be perfect for my skin?

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Yarrow|Pom Essential Oil – New dōTERRA Oils 2018

New oils #1: Yarrow|Pom!

I’m so excited to see dōTERRA heading toward herbalism with the release of the Yarrow|Pom oil combo.

Yarrow has been a potent herbal ally for ages, and the latest science shows that adding cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil makes both parts of this combo work better together!

From my Convention notes….

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