The Problem with “I Was Spanked and I’m Fine”

Before we begin, I’d like to remark that it is 2018 in the most information-saturated society in the history of the known world.

I can’t believe we still need to have this conversation.

However, new studies show that the more frequently children are spanked, the more likely they are to

  • defy their parents;
  • experience anti-social behavior;
  • increased aggression;
  • mental health problems;
  • and cognitive difficulties

Are you surprised? I’m not.

Furthermore, even the AAP (whom I heartily disagree with on several counts) has come out against corporal punishment of any kind against children, due to the new research that shows normal brain development is impacted by physical discipline.

Statistically speaking, physical correction and spanking are still very common practices in American parenting. Continue reading

Reducing Toxic Load, when “Everything is Toxic”

Reducing toxic load is a “new” concept, so some folks think it’s unnecessary – but our world is WAY more toxic now than it was even 50 or 100 years ago.

My dad is 80 and can’t understand why we worry about toxins in our personal care products, our food, our clothing, and our home – because “toxins are everywhere! Everything is toxic!”, he says.

And I nod and say, EXACTLY. 
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The doTERRA kids’ collection – gentle, kid-friendly blends!

dōTERRA’s outdone themselves with this adorable kids’ kit!

Prediluted, simple rollerball blends that have names kids will easily remember and enjoy using.

This collection is a complete and ready-made “whole body” essential oil toolbox to empower parents and children alike.

Their silicone caps with carabiners let kids take them anywhere, and the flashcard set and easy names help kids to choose what they need in the moment.

Six oil blends to empower kids to take charge of their body, mind, and heart!

The set comes with a zip-up carrying case and six oil blends – two for the mind, two for the body, and two for the heart/emotions.

They’re named Thinker, Calmer, Stronger, Rescuer, Steady, and Brave.

  • Body Blends: Stronger contains Frankincense and Rose, and acts like a milder version of OnGuardwhile Rescuer acts like a gentle version of Deep Blue – two of dōTERRA’s best-selling products.
  • Heart Blends:  Brave smells like orange Skittles, and is wonderful for big emotions and even traumatic events. Steady is a great oil for calming nervous and anxious feelings, and is very soothing for overactive minds.
  • Mind Blends: Thinker is a great blend for focus and attention span, while Calmer is the “go to sleep” oil blend (in our house, at least)!

My kids LOVE that they finally have their own set of dōTERRA oils for all their needs!

You can purchase the entire set NOW, or each of the single oils will be available December 3rd:

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