How I learned I wasn’t an Introvert: Healing Social Trauma and Building Community

How I learned I wasn’t an introvert: Healing Social Trauma and Building Community

A big focus of my 30s has been dedicated to healing social trauma in myself. I used to think I was an introvert, or anti-social…later I thought, maybe I’ve got Asperger’s? (Maybe I do.)

Now, I realize that I’m healing from social trauma and complex PTSD, stemming from the beginning of early childhood. It’s been a weird and fascinating journey!

Back in 2013, I attended the Birth Without Fear Conference in DFW. I think it was the first one ever. I did henna art on dozens of lovely mamas there, and one said she lived “in Central Texas”.

I said, “Oh, me too!”

However, both of us had been burned socially too many times, and didn’t want to risk disappointment again – so we just added each other on social media and stayed virtual friends.

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Food Freedom? On Allowing Your Kids to Eat Whatever They Want

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Unschooling goes beyond education and learning–it bleeds over into every area of your life, eventually. So what does it look like to be unschooling food?

For many unschoolers, unschooling food means exactly what it sounds like: kids are given the freedom to eat whatever they want.

Many of you may now be picturing ice cream for every meal and nary a vegetable in sight–but the reality of food freedom doesn’t stay that way, even if it might begin like that!

Kids, like people of all ages, tend to be drawn to what’s forbidden, especially if there’s a fair amount of emotional energy surrounding those taboos.

For example, when I was a kid, my parents were health nuts of the low-fat, low-salt variety. However, sugar was not yet seen as the villain many now know it to be.

Unsurprisingly, I craved exactly what I was forbidden–things like bacon and potato chips! Never mind how many popsicles I ate on a daily basis…

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