Stream-of-consciousness: Gonna pretend like it’s 2005 and I’m on LiveJournal

I am 1000% fed up with News and ThinlyVeiled Ads, so Stream-Of-Consciousness is what you’re getting from me.

It’s 2pm and feels like mid-morning for some reason. Stayed up too late watching Zombieland: Double Tap with our 12 year old. (She would say, finally!)

Listening to Panic! and anything else I love singing along to, like HIM, the Rasmus, and Jamiroquai is really helping.

Throat chakra opening? Vibration-raising? Bugging my family by singing too loudly? Whatever, yesplz, I’ll take it.

About to go have a second cup of coffee. Aware that I’m a bit extra with my ruta maya whole bean, raw honey and organic half-n-half – and also aware of that Dave Grohl quote where he says guilty pleasures are stupid – if you like something, just fucking like it. Continue reading

artisan gluten free bread banneton

Finally! Gluten-Free Bread Made Simple, with This Book

Finally, my gluten-free bread game is on point!

Gluten free + dairy free loaf, baked on a stoneware baking sheet in the oven (NOT in a bread machine)!

To me, this is on par with the best German bakery bread – except that stuff’s all full of gluten, so we can’t eat it.

I’ve been learning how to live gluten-free for over ten years now.

Ten years ago, I was a vegetarian, and my husband was suffering from seizures, loss of his senses (taste, touch, etc), couldn’t sleep, brain fog, lethargy, generalized pain–oh, and (TMI) going #2 about 20 times a day.

He couldn’t work, and I was expecting, so I needed to stop working. So my husband went to California on the advice of a friend, to seek a new job and a new life for our family.

While the job didn’t work out, he happened to “get stuck” eating only meat and plant foods while he was there…

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