Hey, I’m Krystal.

I write a lot, mainly about natural birth, unschooling, and health freedom.

I’ve been blogging since 2005, and spent my K-12 years writing somber poetry and printing out my short stories on a dot-matrix printer.

I’m a birthkeeper, freethinker, and mama of five awesome Earthlings.

New platform, who dis?

I’ve been increasingly disenchanted with social media, so I’m making the effort to gather my many, many writings here, for a wider audience, censorship-free.

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What you’ll discover here…

BIRTH – I’m the founder of RethinkBirth.com, where you’ll find holistic, intuitive, and woman-centered birth education courses to nourish and heal the women of this planet. Two of my five kids were born at home, and I’ve been attending births since 2009.

Peep my writings on BIRTH: - The Birth Collection -

UNSCHOOLING — I’ve been actively unschooling my kids since 2004, when my oldest was barely 5. I used to run a group called Relationship-Based Unschooling + Parenting that helped thousands of parents become more connected with their kids.

Peep my writings on UNSCHOOLING: - The Unschooling Collection -

WELLNESS – We believe that health care is primarily self-care, and health is wealth! The future of healing is in nutrition and energy medicine - and the current system of sick care is in collapse.

Peep my writings on WELLNESS: - The Wellness Collection -

I think it’s time we reclaim our sovereignty in birth, health, and parenting…don’t you?

Krystal of /birthawakening/