Hey, I’m Krystal.

I write a lot, mainly about intuitive living, birth, unschooling, natural health, and freedom.

I’ve been blogging since 2005.

I’m a birthkeeper, freethinker, and mama of five awesome Earthlings.

You can enroll in my courses, book 1-1 consults, and explore my services at my sister site, RethinkBirth.com.

holding space for a conscious, intuitive pregnancy and birth

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BIRTH – I’m the author of a new book called The Conscious Pregnancy Guidebook, and I’m also the founder of RethinkBirth.com. Two of my five kids were born at home, and I’ve been attending births since 2009.

Here’s a collection of my writings on BIRTH: - The Birth Collection -

UNSCHOOLING — I’ve been actively unschooling my kids since 2004, when my oldest was barely 5. I used to run a group called Relationship-Based Unschooling + Parenting that helped thousands of parents become more connected with their kids.

Peep my writings on UNSCHOOLING: - The Unschooling Collection -

photo-inception at the museum of natural history with my kids

HEALING and INTUITION – I believe that health care is primarily self-care, and that reconnecting with our feminine, sovereign intuition is the way to awaken our true health and vitality. The future of healing is in intuitive, sovereign choice and energy medicine - not the “sick care system” that’s being pushed on us as the only option.

my daughter and I soaking up healing energies at the beach

I think it’s time we reclaim our sovereignty and let go of the lone wolf paradigm.

The future is about creative, sovereign community! Don’t you agree?

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Krystal Trammell
Raising the collective frequency via conscious mothering, unschooling, freebirth, holistic living, and storytelling.