Hey, I’m Krystal.

Artist, writer, intuitive, creative, mama of five  🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡

I’m a birthkeeper + freethinker, and I’ve been blogging since 2005. Here, you’ll discover well over 200 of my articles on unschooling, conscious pregnancy, holistic birth, sovereign wellness, intuitive womanhood, and more. The collection is still growing!

I became a mama when I was just 18 - and I believe that parenting is the most profound personal growth journey we can ever embark upon, to paraphrase Robin Lim.

In the months (and years!) after the freebirth of my 5th baby, I received cosmic downloads amidst 3am breastfeeding sessions...which finally manifested into an actual book!

I also have a podcast that I’m adding to. I’m a one-woman show, so my creativity is expressed asymmetrically—! :)

My signature program, RECLAMATION, has been a labo{u}r of love that I've been visioning into existence for over a decade - and the Human Design + Gene Keys guidance you’ll find in my Holographic Self course is a transmission of insight and joy.

me, labelled

  • 6/2 Projector in Human Design

  • Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising 

  • ENFP in Meyers-Briggs

  • 5w4 in the Enneagram

  • Ravenclaw

  • Native Texan

Favorite movie: Song of the Sea
Favorite band: VV + HIM
Favorite podcast + Substack: Inelia Benz’ Driving to the Rez (iykyk)
Books that changed my life:
Women Who Run With the Wolves & Dumbing Us Down

Some of my obsessions over the last 20 years include…

EFT/Tapping, Enneagram, bellydance, the Bach flower remedies, Reiki, essential oils, permaculture gardening, Waldorf dolls, henna, the Harry Potter books - and of course, Human Design and Gene Keys.

I believe that healing is your birthright as a human, and creativity is your birthright as a WOMAN.

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I think it’s time we let go of the lone wolf programming that keeps us disconnected, alone, and small - and reclaim our innate wisdom and MAGIC!

The future is about co-creative, sovereign community! Don’t you agree?

Krystal of RethinkBirth.com
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Krystal Trammell

Raising the collective frequency via conscious mothering, unschooling, freebirth, holistic living, and storytelling.