Back from the dōTERRA Together 2019 Convention!

We’re back from a week spent in Salt Lake City at the dōTERRA Convention!

What a fun whirlwind it’s been! This was my second time attending the Global Convention – and this time, my husband got to attend with me.

He met many of the brilliant, heart-centered humans that I look up to – many members of the Transformational Essentials team: a lot of fantastic Canadians and New Yorkers; chiropractors; authors; veterinarians; and a famous musician!

I can see a hopeful, bright future for myself within dōTERRA, because of the incredible people I’m surrounded with at Convention.

When I look to the future, I know we’re meant for bigger things. I can’t imagine looking forward to a future that includes a regular j-o-b, with two weeks of vacation time a year.

Are we supposed to be content to just wait until retirement before we can start LIVING? Ew. No thank you!

This company, y’all – I’m so proud of the direction dōTERRA is taking.

It’s NOT just about oils.

dōTERRA cares about creating natural products and nutritional supplements to solve REAL health concerns, from inflammation and digestion, to cardiovascular, respiratory, and even mental health.

dōTERRA cares about disrupting the current state of health care in the US, and creating new Prime Meridian health care clinics that partner with Doctors who have been trained in the safe and effective use of essential oils.

They care about saving children from sex trafficking, with the work of Our Underground Railroad, Rapha House, and other charities that dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation funds. (Read my blog on that here)

dōTERRA cares about partnering with farmers around the world to alleviate poverty and exploitation of the land. (Read my blog on THAT here)

dōTERRA cares about partnering with universities to create the most cutting-edge research and science – and that’s ONLY possible because of the exacting standards of dōTERRA’s CPTG essential oils as a product that’s reliable enough to produce repeatable results.

dōTERRA wants to clarify how CBD oil, while potentially helpful in many ways, can NEVER meet the purity standards of dōTERRA’s essential oils – and they will never sell a product that compromises their core values.

Biologically speaking, Copaiba essential oil outperforms CBD in many ways. (Evidence and research articles to come!)

dōTERRA cares about preserving purity – even as adulteration gets more and more sophisticated in the essential oil market, and it’s harder than ever to detect synthetic or altered oils.

I’m proud to be partnering with dōTERRA. And NOW, my husband is committed to helping me spread dōTERRA, as an extension of our own aspirations to heal ourselves and anything our lives touch!

Their new company motto is Pursue What’s Pure.

Seriously – the new products are AMAZING!

The ADAPTIV system for mental health – a combination botanical + EO supplement + aromatic AND topical oil blend, complete with studies and research
Turmeric duo-caps combine curcuminoids with tumerones for MAX efficacy
Yarrow|Pom nutritive dietary supplements and skin serum
Peppermint softgels for lower intestinal digestive wellness + support
Tamer kids’ collection blend for upset tummies, more gentle than DigestZen

…and our NEW oils!
5mL Rose essential oil
5mL Black Spruce
15mL Citronella
15mL Celery Seed
15mL Lemon Eucalyptus

I’ll be doing highlights on these via Facebook Live and here on my blog – so stay tuned!

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