Who’s Got the Cure for Viral Fear?

I’m absolutely sick of the viral fear that’s been plaguing our planet.

Lots of uncomfortable truths are being unveiled in the world, and the division is worse than ever before – extreme and alarming.

If you follow the Schumann resonance, you know it’s been measuring off the charts for weeks now.

>> The Schumann resonance can be described as the frequency or heartbeat of planet Earth, mother Gaia. It tends to correspond with intenisty in human events and consciousness. Might sound woo, but NASA measures it too.

The energetic split that we’re witnessing in society right now is wild…and I am more and more motivated to speak truth to my own reality, instead of paying attention to the fearmongering, power-plays, and propaganda.

(Yes, I know that the ‘rona is real. I know that people have lost their lives to it, and I hold compassion for those souls – truly.)

However, I have come to believe that the greater concern is not a virus – but our world’s insane response to this pandemic.


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Day 7 of Bullsh*t Weather in Texas…Here’s the Tea

So last Thursday was our second “snow day” of this year…and by noon the roads were already becoming unsafe. We don’t usually get snow so much as ice – under all this snow is a layer of ice that’s up to 3″ thick.

See my last post re: no driving + water/food/power concerns.

We’re now on our seventh day of bullshit weather and abysmal emergency response.

I’ve been reading and researching, trying to make sense this mess…and here’s the tea I’ve got so far.

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texas blizzard 2021 is gross and rude

Texas snow sucks because we are unprepared

Everyone likes to make fun of the South for complaining when the weather gets a little cold here. The thing is, we are not prepared for weather like this, and neither is our state’s infrastructure!

It’s never been plainer to me that what I reallyREALLY want is to live self-sustainably, and this hideous weather showcases exactly what we need to change to get there.

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Stream-of-consciousness: Gonna pretend like it’s 2005 and I’m on LiveJournal

I am 1000% fed up with News and ThinlyVeiled Ads, so Stream-Of-Consciousness is what you’re getting from me.

It’s 2pm and feels like mid-morning for some reason. Stayed up too late watching Zombieland: Double Tap with our 12 year old. (She would say, finally!)

Listening to Panic! and anything else I love singing along to, like HIM, the Rasmus, and Jamiroquai is really helping.

Throat chakra opening? Vibration-raising? Bugging my family by singing too loudly? Whatever, yesplz, I’ll take it.

About to go have a second cup of coffee. Aware that I’m a bit extra with my ruta maya whole bean, raw honey and organic half-n-half – and also aware of that Dave Grohl quote where he says guilty pleasures are stupid – if you like something, just fucking like it. Continue reading

Back from the dōTERRA Together 2019 Convention!

We’re back from a week spent in Salt Lake City at the dōTERRA Convention!

What a fun whirlwind it’s been! This was my second time attending the Global Convention – and this time, my husband got to attend with me.

He met many of the brilliant, heart-centered humans that I look up to – many members of the Transformational Essentials team: a lot of fantastic Canadians and New Yorkers; chiropractors; authors; veterinarians; and a famous musician!

I can see a hopeful, bright future for myself within dōTERRA, because of the incredible people I’m surrounded with at Convention.

When I look to the future, I know we’re meant for bigger things. I can’t imagine looking forward to a future that includes a regular j-o-b, with two weeks of vacation time a year.

Are we supposed to be content to just wait until retirement before we can start LIVING? Ew. No thank you!

This company, y’all – I’m so proud of the direction dōTERRA is taking.

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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Already Happening

I wrote this in a dark mood at 4am…but I think the analogy holds true. 

We are currently in the midst of the biggest zombie apocalypse–it’s already happening, but most people are completely unaware of it.

Zombies are little more than purposeless bodies, devoid of soul. They’re reanimated corpses, aimlessly wandering and destroying all life they come across.

Think all those zombie movies were just entertainment? Think again.

Now, think critically and realize that this is exactly what we’re seeing every Black Friday–people who have willingly given up their humanity to the God of Shopping. We live in a society where people are willing to wait in line for six hours to buy the latest iPhone.

The masses are infected.

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15 Things About Who I Am

  • I feel like I am finding myself further down the path of adulthood than I anticipated at this point in my life.  How am I 35?  I realize that newer moms look up to me, and I want to say to them, wait, what?  I’m not the role model here.  How did all this time pass? I still feel so new and green at this parenting thing.  It just gets hard in different ways, not easier.
  • I never meant to be a mom, and yet, it’s at the core of my identity.  It’s also the thing I think I fail at most consistently. It’s the most raw, vulnerable, tender open wound that continually gets torn open again.  The lines blur between my kids and I, to where I don’t know where I end and where they begin.  I never did have solid edges to begin with, except when I was very small.

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Cracked Christmases of the Past

So it’s the holiday season, which highlights yet another way that I tend to differ dramatically from the average human being.  We’re not a Christian family, and yet not really a secular one either.

I’ve never encouraged my kids to believe in Santa, which tends to get a lot of raised eyebrows.

However, this year, I’m noticing that apart from all the differences that are just a part of Who I Am, I have actually always had a “different” sort of holiday season, even as a child.

This notion was recently inspired by various comments from others about their own childhood holiday memories, and now that it’s occurred to me, I can’t believe I wasn’t bothered by this as a kid.  One blog, in particular, posted an entry about her childhood holidays that sounded so appealing to me, despite the fact that it really wasn’t that kind of mushy, adoring post.

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