why there aren’t more lifelong unschoolers.

Where are the lifelong unschoolers? Why don’t we see more teen unschoolers?  What happens to all the unschooling communities, where the groups of little kids far outnumber the lifelong unschoolers in the group? If it works so well, why aren’t more people doing it for longer?

Every fall, it seems that in the whirlwind that is public schooling, a few more brave souls are swept up into it…either because of pressures from concerned (possibly meddling) family and friends, financial stresses, lack of adequate #childcare, or just#overwhelm.

Our tribes are so diffuse, our individual resources are concentrated in ways that do not support us in doing what we believe is best for our individual children. Continue reading

15 Things About Who I Am

  • I feel like I am finding myself further down the path of adulthood than I anticipated at this point in my life.  How am I 35?  I realize that newer moms look up to me, and I want to say to them, wait, what?  I’m not the role model here.  How did all this time pass? I still feel so new and green at this parenting thing.  It just gets hard in different ways, not easier.
  • I never meant to be a mom, and yet, it’s at the core of my identity.  It’s also the thing I think I fail at most consistently. It’s the most raw, vulnerable, tender open wound that continually gets torn open again.  The lines blur between my kids and I, to where I don’t know where I end and where they begin.  I never did have solid edges to begin with, except when I was very small.

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The Exhaustive List of Homebirth Supplies

If you’re having a homebirth with a midwife, she’s probably provided you with a list of supplies–or a pre-made birth kit–that you should have on hand.  However, if you’re birthing at home without assistance, you may wonder what supplies and items would be worth having on hand to maximize your comfort and peace-of-mind as your labor time nears.  Of course, birth can and does happen without any special equipment at all, and things work just fine.

Nothing on this list is essential, really–and it’s good to keep that in mind.  You shouldn’t be stressing out in week 39 because you’ve run out of honey and can’t find a local source for red raspberry leaf tea!  Sometimes less is more. Continue reading

My Journey to and Beyond Vegetarianism–Part 1

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 17 years–but I’m currently experiencing an inner earthquake of thoughts on health, ethics, nutrition and more–and I need to write about it.  The next few posts are going to chronicle my thought process and dietary evolution up to the precarious, interesting point of view I’m at now.

I first went veg as a teen, along with my mother, who was becoming veg again for the third or fourth time in her life (she had a habit of not staying true to herSelf in the face of ridicule or opposition from those closest to her).  I remember wanting Long John Silver’s chicken strips, and fish sandwiches from Burger King (we ate out a LOT), and then feeling so guilty after eating them. Continue reading

Your Baby’s Legal Right to Breastfeed

It’s 2018–breastfeeding in public should no longer be a controversial topic.

The fact is, your baby needs to eat no matter where you are or who might notice.

Don’t let anyone tell you to feed your baby in a restroom, dressing room, your car, or anywhere else where you’d feel uncomfortable eating a meal!

You and your baby deserve more respect than that.

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Rethinking TV-free: Why I don’t censor television-watching

Earlier today, I was watching Disney channel with my kids, and we got to talking about childism in action on that channel.

In particular, the show Good Luck Charlie. It’s about a “big” family (four kids), but the parents are self-absorbed, hapless idiots and they are constantly making comments that indicate that they would rather not have had kids.

I am all for jokes and sarcasm, but IMO there’s a line that these shows cross, and I think it’s hurtful. Why do we want to perpetuate a cultural opinion of kids as a hassle or an inconvenience? How is that helping the relationships between parents and children?

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Raising Kids Beyond Religion: A Booklist

Yes, I said “beyond” religion. I am not a fan of the concept that there is only one right way, which is central to so many major religions.

I’m very much a freethinker in that regard, and I raise my kids to be freethinkers as well.

As a parent and as a homeschooler, I don’t want to shield them from the world–or religion. We approach religions of all sorts from a place of finding the commonalities, instead of focusing on the differences.

I also want to offer my kids the opportunity to be culturally literate in terms of religion–to think critically about the information they get from the world.

Most importantly, I want them to be in touch with what they feel in their hearts, and whether any form of organized religion speaks to them. I don’t view beliefs as something external that one should try to conform to, but rather, something that is already inside oneself, waiting to be discovered and given words to.

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That time I came out of the broom closet…

Written the first day of June 2006…in another lifetime…back when I felt the need to explain my choices to others.

My spirituality is nothing to fear or worry about.

It isn’t dangerous, or something to protect yourself from, and yet–it’s apparently very misunderstood by most people.

Let me be clear: I didn’t “convert” to Paganism.

This is because Paganism isn’t something that people convert to.

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