why there aren’t more lifelong unschoolers.

Where are the lifelong unschoolers? Why don’t we see more teen unschoolers?  What happens to all the unschooling communities, where the groups of little kids far outnumber the lifelong unschoolers in the group? If it works so well, why aren’t more people doing it for longer? Every fall, it seems that in the whirlwind that [ keep reading ]

what is unschooling krystal trammell

Unschooling Is…

This post is about unschooling, which is not to be confused with; how to pleasantly coerce your child to do schoolwork how to get your kids to do schoolwork on their own how to make schoolwork more fun It IS about unpacking our beliefs about how learning happens, what’s good for kids and adults, and [ keep reading ]

unschooling freedom fireflies

Fireflies & Freedom

I love that my daughter can catch fireflies barefoot in our yard. No worries about tests or grades, no cares about what day it is, no needing to rush thru an exploratory afternoon-turned-evening to get ready for school tomorrow.. My children are learning organically, realistically, without arbitrary force or pressures in their worlds. Instead of [ keep reading ]


Success and the Myth of Grades

This article also appears on TheHomestead.Guru, titled as “Getting Good Grades is Meaningless” Hold on–I’m about to disappoint all you high-achievers…but good grades are no measure of intelligence. More importantly, good grades also don’t actually have any bearing on one’s success. School does influence one’s real-world success–but not in the ways that one would hope.


Why You Should Quit Punishing Your Kids

Gentle discipline. That sounds pretty progressive, right? Not spanking or hitting children IS still a pretty progressive concept in our society (unfortunately). In my opinion, it’s disheartening that we’re still not collectively as a culture at the place where hitting kids is just accepted as absurd, archaic, and wrong for any reason… But I digress. [ keep reading ]


Rethinking TV-free: Why I don’t censor television-watching

Earlier today, I was watching Disney channel with my kids, and we got to talking about childism in action on that channel. In particular, the show Good Luck Charlie. It’s about a “big” family (four kids), but the parents are self-absorbed, hapless idiots and they are constantly making comments that indicate that they would rather [ keep reading ]