Copywriting & Editing

You might be a great writer, but writing for the web isn’t like writing a school essay…

Your website needs compelling copy that converts!

If that last phrase just made your eyes bug out – never fear, that’s precisely why I’m here.

  • Several of the sites I currently write for are 6-7 figure businesses, and rank among the top 20K websites in America.
  • Since 2014, I’ve been copywriting and editing on a professional level, including several published books and print/digital magazines.
  • I’ve even beta-edited fanfiction – in both American and British English. #nerdcredentials

Did you know MOST people make a decision about the service or product they’ve just clicked on in under 8 seconds??

Your website should HOOK visitors and inspire them to take action – fast!

Let me help you write compelling sales copy for your site, prepare your next eBook for publication, or help your articles get published by a top-ranked site!

Contact me with details about what you need, and let’s set up a free consultation.

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