Holiday Blessings, Gratitude, and Perspective

Did you ever set yourself up for failure or sadness – without even being aware of it?  That’s what I almost did this holiday season.

Truth be told, I thought I’d have a pretty sad holiday this year.

My husband just started a new job, which is a huge blessing, except for one thing…He’ll be gone for many months at a time. 
We said goodbye just five days ago – knowing we wouldn’t see each other again until nearly February…

I had steeled myself for this, but it was still a tough pill to swallow. We are a strong team as parents, and the best of friends.

So, almost without even being aware of it…I found myself not really wanting to think about the holidays much, this year.  

I even joked that we were just going to pretend it was January, once he’d left for work.

Well, you can imagine how shocked I was, when he woke me up with bouquets of flowers in the wee hours of Christmas-Eve morning!

Gosh, what a lovely present that was—-and I don’t mean just the flowers!

We had just a few hours to celebrate…when before, I was feeling pretty lukewarm about celebrating anything at all–!

In an instant, I realized three things:

  1. I felt flooded with gratitude to have him home with us, obviously–!
  2. The contrast that provided brought the stark realization that I wasn’t fully embracing or enjoying the moment – even though I thought I was on top of that sort of negative-thinking bullshit…WHOOPS.
  3. Perspective is everything.

We had the best time together, in spite of it being “only a few hours”, or “not what we had hoped for”, etc.

I wonder if having expectations may harm us more often than help us.  They hinder our ability to embrace and enJOY the moments we HAVE, instead of those “perfect” ones we think we should be having.

This holiday was better than perfect, actually. I don’t think our family’s ever had a better Christmas Eve than this one!

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