Invoking 2021 virtual support circle

Join me in invoking 2021:

Invoking 2021 is a virtual support circle to help us re-focus on our sacred desires, by connecting with like-minded women who love Leonie Dawson’s yearly workbooks.

Invoking 2021 virtual support circle


But this was a weird year for wanting…

It’s hard to focus on our desires when we’ve been pulled into a giant game of “the floor is lava!”…but it’s sure sharpened our instincts.
I think we’ve collectively amped up our skill level at riding the slipstream this year.
For many of us, it felt like a fire was lit under our asses – and we responded by learning to pivot, adapt, and THRIVE.

I’d love to carry that MacGyver energy into the new year and re-focus on DESIRE…

So I’ve decided to host a virtual support circle based on Leonie Dawson’s 2021 Goal Getter workbooks!

This is FOR YOU if…

– You’ve got a growth mindset and want to feel hopeful about the future
– You want to have more fun, tap into your creative side, and dream without fear
– You’re wanting closer, more meaningful connections with like-minded peeps
– Maybe you have a small biz (or are interested in starting one)
– You’re not put off by curse words or the occult, i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology (because I’m into all that jazz)
– You respect boundaries, and can commit to showing up with kindness


I’m welcoming in a circle of peeps who are interested in being conscious co-creators! I’m after extra inspiration, encouragement, and connection with like-minded folks on the same journey.
  • We’ll meet up virtually on Zoom at least 2x per month, and we’ll have an email list and private group on Discord for added support via text and impromptu voice chats!
  • Call times will be varied so that peeps from all over the globe can participate
  • We’ll focus on themes for each month, and go thru the workbooks in portions over the course of the year, together as well as self-paced!
  • Our calls will be 1-2 hours long, interactive, and as conversational as we’re comfortable with, as we each have insights to share.
  • I’ll also offer oracle card readings and astrology/human design analysis on our calls and in the group space, as well as biz advice and insights as requested. I encourage you do the same!



The INVOKING 2021 CIRCLE will be about creative indulgence, vulnerable sharing, biz support, encouragement, coffee-chats and real-talk.

You’ll find no “love-and-light” spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity, and plenty of conscious clarity + sisterhood-style support.

We’ll gather for our first welcoming call January 7th, and a week after that, we’ll meet for our group closing ceremony for 2020.

(There is a section in the workbooks that corresponds to this, so that we can start preparing early!)
>> As an additional bonus, I’ll be hosting a Virtual Vision Board meetup in late January, and everyone who jumps into the Invoking 2021 Circle will get an invitation to that event, free of charge.
I’ve been a fan of Leonie Dawson’s work forever. She’s the artist behind the shiny-bright and audaciously fun biz-and-life workbooks I’ve used since 2013 (!)
Her workbooks have been KEY in helping me reach goals, but more importantly….they’ve helped me CLARIFY what I want and EXPLORE new angles and ideas more fully.
They’ve helped me to invoke a version of myself who’s capable of reaching higher + digging deeper, and sorting out my personal brands of self-sabotage, too.
Now, I don’t want to just start another group and add to the noise on social media. Instead, this will be a private circle that’s hosted via Zoom and email, with FB as an optional supplement.
I know it can be super-fun to dream up loads of things for the year ahead all at once…BUT, if we fill out the whole workbook in one wild burst, and then forget about it for 8 months…we’re really missing out on the magic of self-reflection, accountability. We also set ourselves up for self-sabotage, when we go back and read our out-of-touch musings from months ago that we’ve all but forgotten about.

A huge thing that makes the workbooks WORK is in our revisiting of the themes in them, in re-reading what we wrote back in January, and recognizing how our desires grow, shift, and change.

Your commitment will include showing up on our calls more-often-than-never, as well as a membership fee of $22 monthly.
Why? Because we’re much more likely to prioritize and participate in stuff we pay for, and because it’s an energy exchange that should feel fair + sustainable.


1. Go get a workbook or two from Leonie at her site:
(Choose digital or print or BOTH – but this step is non-negotiable as per Leonie’s rules – and they’re only on sale ’til January 15th!)

2. Use the shiny new link below to make your first subscription payment!

4. Watch your inbox! I’ll send out a welcome email via my Invoking 2021 Circle email list, with videos and a suggested supply list.
>> I’ll also send you a personal oracle card reading, based on our initial theme of honoring and releasing 2020 mindfully.



YOUR Qs…A’d:

“What if my workbooks don’t arrive before we start?”

No worries! You’ll have plenty of time to catch up, and our meetups will be recorded so you can hop in whenever you’re ready.

“I work crazy hours/homeschool my kids/raise baby alpacas in my backyard, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make all the meetups live. Is that okay?”

It’s totally okay if you can’t be here every time, but please do try your best to be present some of the time, because we want to see your face! Also, we’ll all need baby alpaca pics… 😉

“I am a number of time zones away from Texas, USA – will I still feel connected to the group?”

You bet! I will work with everyone who joins to stagger the times of day for our live meetups, so that we can make it work for all. Also, Discord will be available 24/7, and I pop in and out of there pretty often!

The workbooks are only available thru January 15th, and our closing 2020 ceremony is scheduled for the day before that.

Please decide SOON if you want to jump in!

Leonie is all for ppl forming groups to work on her stuff, but her rule is that everyone must get their own copy. You can buy a digital or physical book, and there’s two versions – one focused on biz, and one on life. Pick either, or both!
2020 is OVERRR.

Let’s get this party started, and start INVOKING our DESIRES! Who’s with me??

Subscribe for $22 monthly: