Advice for New, Worried Homeschoolers from a Longtime Unschooler

I realize that there's loads of public school parents freaking out right now because of school cancellations - thinking their kids will fall behind if they don't keep up with worksheets and reading texts and lesson plans until school-as-normal resumes.

So if your kids are unexpectedly home with you for the unforeseeable future, here's my advice on how to keep everyone sane: PLEASE DON'T try to "do school" in the middle of a crisis.

There is already plenty for them to learn!

+ They're learning how their parents respond to existential crisis that's largely out of our hands. + They're learning that even adults get scared and don't always know what to do. + They're learning that when life-as-usual grinds to a halt.....SOMETHING is going to fill the void.

Do you really want that *something* to be stress about lesson plans? Or bad feelings between you and your kids because they haven't done their homework?

Kids are worried just like adults are. Trouble is, they're looking to us for how to handle it...we are on the stage and in the spotlight of our children's memory-making about this whole #coronavirus scare. Our reactions and choices will be etched into their lifelong perception of this time in history.

So queue up Disney+ and grab a couch blanket. Watch documentaries. History, Cultural Literacy--YES IT COUNTS.

Dig out the craft supplies and get messy. Pull out the old cookbooks and make a family recipe. Blast 80s playlists on Spotify or download TikTok and sing along badly. (Art, Math, Music)

Watch YouTube together. Build blanket forts. Ask your kids to teach you how to play Minecraft (it's actually fun!) Make rock candy together. (Science! Math!)




Teach them the most important things while school is out: That they feel safe and loved, and that you enjoy spending time with them as people.

I'll say it again. It's not a euphemism. I mean it, very literally:


I love you. Stay safe/well/sane.

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