Bach flower remedies for pregnancy

Learn how to use the Bach flower remedies for pregnancy and beyond to safely and gently balance the emotions for deep healing, physically and mentally.

Anyone who’s been around a pregnant mama knows – the things that bother her aren’t just physical symptoms.

Emotional wellness is a huge component of a healthy pregnancy and birth – but there don’t seem to be a lot of tangible things we can do to heal our emotional ills.

That’s why the Bach flower remedies are nothing short of a game-changer.

I’ve worked with the Bach flower remedies for pregnancy and beyond, and they were the single most crucial component in healing my depression and anxiety.

The Bach Flowers are a collection of 38 tinctures that help to correct emotional imbalances – and often, this can bring about physical healing as well.

Remedies or Essences? They're the same thing - in the US they're called Remedies, and in Europe and elsewhere, they're called Essences. 

The Bach Flowers are similar to homeopathic medicine because they are very safe and gentle, yet effective. They’re also different, because they treat emotional symptoms primarily.

The Bach flower remedies have been made the same way since the 1930’s, according to the methodology of Dr. Edward Bach, who personally developed each of the remedies.

Through his work as a physician, Dr. Bach came to believe that illness is the end result of disharmony between body and mind. He sought to treat people holistically, by turning to nature to balance their emotions…

The Bach flower remedies are excellent for addressing emotionally-based issues. They can be particularly useful for the childbearing year.

Selecting the right remedies for you can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s really an easy process – and no harm is done if you choose the wrong remedy.

To use Bach flower remedies for pregnancy, you can typically have a treatment bottle made up for you, with two drops each of your selected remedies diluted with spring water and a natural preserving agent, such as brandy, vodka, or vegetable glycerin.

For more acute situations, you can simply add two drops of the selected remedy or remedies in a glass of water, and sip it at intervals. Every sip counts as a dose, and the more frequently you sip, the better!

Unlike homeopathic medicines, Bach flower remedies can even be taken with juice or tea, and do not interfere with other health treatments or medications.

Are the Bach Flowers safe to use during pregnancy?

If you select the wrong remedies, or if you take too much, nothing will happen–so there’s no harm in experimenting over time to find the correct ones.

In addition to helping alleviate minor upsets and calm passing fears, the Bach remedies are a great tool for uncovering deeply buried emotional issues and triggers we may have unconsciously buried long ago.

Certain remedies like Rescue Remedy or Star of Bethlehem are excellent for acute situations like shock, fear, or unpleasant news, and can be taken immediately for relief. For more long-term situations, such as repeated patterns of thoughts or chronic conditions, a wide array of Bach flower remedies can be taken regularly for gradual improvement and lasting results.

The remedies that work for you right now may end up uncovering deeper issues over the time you’re taking them.

This means that in a few weeks, you may find that a different selection of remedies will apply. This is normal, and an expected sign of healing!

If you miss a dose, you may not notice the effects – but those closest to you might! They are subtle, but they really make an impact.

I am currently working toward certification as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, because I have experienced so many massive shifts and healing in using these incredible remedies, both in my own life and in the lives of others. The training process is lengthy and stringently controlled by the Bach Centre in England, originally founded by Dr. Bach himself.

If you’d like a consultation to learn more about the Bach flower remedies for use in pregnancy and beyond, please check my shop, and get in touch!

These are my favorite Bach flower remedies for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum:

  • Rescue Remedy: This is a prepared combination of five different remedies for sudden stress, fear, shock, or worry. It comes in many forms, to include drops, melts, spray, and even gum. The tincture can be added to a water bottle without affecting the flavor in the slightest, and sipped continuously throughout labor.

  • Rescue Cream: This gentle topical lotion can be used as a massage lotion on the feet or shoulders after a long day. I have heard that some women used this to soothe the “ring of fire” during the second stage of labor, when baby is crowning. It’s also helpful as a belly balm for preventing stretch marks, and for healing stretched skin postpartum.

  • Crab Apple: This soothes the feelings that may come up around body changes as pregnancy progresses. Sometimes, this can also help alleviate mild morning sickness.

  • Impatiens: This is especially helpful for calming nervousness and impatience in the last weeks of pregnancy.

  • Elm: For feelings of overwhelm, when responsibilities seem too great. Helpful when a situation is weighing heavily on the mother’s heart.

  • Olive: For physical exhaustion during a long or difficult labor, during the last weeks of pregnancy, and during prodromal labor. Also helps to cope with a challenging recovery after the birth.

  • Star of Bethlehem: This remedy is for shock or extreme changes, and can be given to both mother and baby* directly after birth, especially in the event of trauma or a hard and fast labor. (*Babies usually receive benefits from Bach flower essences through their mother via nursing)

  • Walnut: This remedy is helpful in smoothing transitions, both in labor and even for older siblings adjusting to a new baby. It’s beneficial for the mother immediately postpartum, and usually for several weeks thereafter.

  • For baby blues or postpartum depression, remedies such as Cherry Plum, Mustard, and Sweet Chestnut may be helpful.

Of course, all pregnancies, labors, and childbirths are quite different. This is just an overview of some commonly helpful essences.

Ideally, you’d have an in-depth consultation by someone trained in the use of the Bach flower remedies for pregnancy, to select the ideal blend of essences for you at this time.

I have gone through two of the three levels of official Bach Flower training, and am happy to offer consultations virtually. These can be booked in my shop.

I’ve been working with the Bach flower remedies with success since 2010. During my fifth pregnancy, I realized that the emotional struggles I had experienced with each of my pregnancies were not just little hiccups – I was depressed.

For me, taking the Bach flower remedies made the difference between having a day that was okay, maybe even pleasant. This was a huge improvement over having a non-functional, stay-in-bed-and-cry kind of day. Even if I missed taking them one morning, I felt a profound difference by that afternoon!

The Bach flower remedies are just one tool out of many (essential oils are another favorite of mine) that will help you to have a more empowered, conscious childbirth experience. If you're struggling emotionally, you still have options!

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