whoops, I hit the magic too hard, and it turned into chaos

Change is inevitable. However, in my life, I seem to follow a sort of holding pattern for years at a time, and then changes hit fast and furiously, all at once.

I am not sure if I create this pattern through my own subconscious, or...? Regardless, it's clear that now seems to be the time for one of these change-storms.

I'm on the path (albeit stumbling!) of veganism again, or at the very least, a much healthier diet with fewer processed foods. I've made a commitment to putting my family first, and to being a patient, gentle and respectful parent.

I've been making time for spiritual nourishment and self-exploration, dismantling my blocks to abundance and fulfillment.

In short, I'm feeling pretty good about the "work" I've been doing with my Self.

And so the Universe, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to give me a swift kick in the pants!

Now, as any good student of the Law of Attraction ought to know, if you want to experience more or better than your current state of affairs in any area of life, it takes more than just wishful thinking.

You have to be in alignment with your desires (whatever those desires may be), in order for them to manifest.

This shifting of consciousness takes work, but sometimes, when you make your intentions quite clear and start moving your behavior and thoughts down the correct path, the universe/divine/collective consciousness seems to recognize your sincerity and your commitment to growth.

Therefore, you will find that you are led naturally down a path of synchronicities that will pull you towards the thing you want.

But it might not be immediately clear how these experiences are going to upgrade your life - because frankly, they might REALLY SUCK at first.

In other words, the universe gives you a kick in the pants!

Sometimes you can see this coming for miles, and other times it catches you unawares and hits you like a ton of bricks.

Ironically, many people resist this cosmic push very strongly, and then wonder why they're not getting what they wanted/wished/prayed for!

"I wanted X, but I didn't want it to happen that way...!"

That's not the way the Law of Attraction seems to work. If you're asking for wealth while turning up your nose at pennies on the streets, for example, then you're sending out mixed messages to the universe.

Do you want more money or not?

Either you truly appreciate any extra money that you find, or else you're not really in alignment with attracting wealth yet. This can apply to virtually any situation.

You have to trust that the push you're feeling inside is directly related to the manifestation of your desires, even if you can't see how all the points could possibly connect to get you there.

If you want to manifest your desires, you have to be open to them manifesting in (nearly) any way possible.

Sometimes, you must consider that your dearest desire may not be in the highest good of all (even if you're asking for something like a war to end--gotta consider the butterfly effect after all).

Sometimes, your desires will manifest in ways that are wildly, insanely different than what you had imagined.

Trust and be thankful either way.

So back to my fast and furious ball o'change, rolling down the hill and gaining momentum....

Recently, I held the intention for our family to have enough money where it will no longer be an obstacle or stumbling block, for our family to not be strained any further by employment-based time commitments to obtain this increase, and for my relationships with my children and husband to become stronger and more joyful.

Since then, several seemingly-unrelated and VERY strange things have occurred...

I can only conclude that I've unwittingly gone down the rabbit hole, into the realm of intention-manifestation.

There's going to be some uncomfortable growth experiences coming, surely, and some long-buried wounds are going to be ripped open.

I can also see clearly that I am getting what I want.

NOT in the way I expected to--but in a way that will provide me opportunities to become a stronger and more congruent person along the way. I'm not afraid like I have been in the past, but rather, nervously excited.

It feels really good to be riding this wave consciously, to be embracing my power more fully!