Essential Oil Ethics: Are they Sustainable?

Is it Irresponsible to use Essential Oils?? Hardly.

Occasionally I'll hear someone on a rant about how ALL corporations are evil - and ANY essential oils being marketed today are unethical to purchase and use.

They say that essential oil production is exploitative - little more than greenwashed consumerism.

While there’s definitely no shortage of greenwashing among so-called “natural” companies - I’m glad that doTERRA has so much more to offer besides just savvy marketing. Scientists, doctors, chemists, and independent researchers are just the tip of the iceberg with doTERRA.

After I learned the truth behind Young Living oils, I was devastated and afraid the naysayers were right...until I found dōTERRA.

dōTERRA’s sustainable sourcing model for Frankincense alone is unparalleled. And their commitment to essential oil ethics is backed with science.

They're actively improving the living conditions of the people who harvest plant matter for our essential oils. And they're planning ahead to ensure the continued availability of Frankincense trees and resin for many generations to come.

Watch this video to learn about dōTERRA’s efforts toward conscious stewardship of these trees AND the people who care for them!

It's essential oil ethics in action.

They are working with small indigenous farmers to replant and tend to these precious, slow-growing trees. So they'll ensure a healthy and well-nourished supply of frankincense resin for generations to come!

I am proud to partner with a company that values essential oil ethics and integrity of sourcing so highly.

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