Make 'Labor Calm Spray' with Bach Flower Essences, Healing Crystals, and Essential Oils

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In my Essential Oils for Labor and Birth video course, I talk about how using a diffuser may not be the best way to use oils when you’re in labor.

However, I absolutely recommend making a bottle of aromatherapy spray, using essential oils and vibrational ‘medicine’.

You can add flower essences and/or gem essences as well, to make it a truly magical and healing experience. I call mine Labor Calm Spray.

When I was attending hospital births as a doula, I kept a bottle of Labor Calm Spray in my doula bag. Nurses, OBs and birthing families alike all loved it, and would often stop to comment on how different our room felt, compared to the rest of the labor ward.

Hospital staff are usually not okay with an essential oil diffuser being used - but a small bottle of scented spray is easy to use without ‘permission’ (I’m a big fan of asking forgiveness instead of permission, especially during labor!).

A spritz is unobtrustive, and the scent dissipates quickly enough that it won't become overwhelming.

Why add flower or gem essences?

Rescue Remedy, like all flower and gem essences, are ‘medicine for the emotions’.

Both flower essences and gem essences are based in the concept of vibrational medicine (click for explanation), which is a well-studied and longstanding tradition. Homeopathy is also a form of vibrational medicine, and it has been used exclusively by members of the royal family for over a century.

Vibrational medicine can gently and swiftly rebalance unhelpful emotional states without any contra-indications or side effects - which makes it superbly useful during pregnancy, labor and birth!

Usually, flower or gem essences are taken in water internally--but they can also be added to a spritz bottle and used as a mist.

They don't change the smell of your spritz blend at all, and since they're alcohol-based, they can even act as a preservative to keep your spritz fresh and sanitary.

How to make Labor Calm Spray:

To a 2-ounce spritz bottle (glass or plastic is fine), add the following...

Bach flower essences - two drops of each chosen essence, up to seven.

  • Star of Bethlehem - to insulate the emotions from intensity, shock, and emotional upheaval (specifically, for childbirth)

  • Olive - for when you feel physically exhausted and can't find the strength to go on, i.e. the final, most intense stage of labor - transition

  • Walnut - for coping with change, and resisting unhelpful outside influences

  • Mimulus - for fear of known, specific things

  • Elm - for emotional overwhelm, when you feel like you can’t catch a break

  • White Chestnut - to quiet obtrusive thoughts that keep running thru your mind

  • Rescue Remedy - since this is already a blend, add FOUR drops, and reduce your total number of essences to FIVE

Essential oils - choose your scents wisely, as you may change your mind about them during labor.

Get safe, pure oils from dōTERRA here.

  • Frankincense - 8 drops - Frankincense corresponds to the crown chakra, and enhances feelings of spiritual connection while keeping you grounded

  • Floral oils - 8 drops - Flowery scents like Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose have been used traditionally during childbirth for thousands of years

  • Clary Sage - 8 drops - DON'T use this before 37 weeks, because Clary Sage can encourage uterine contractions

  • Balance dōTERRA blend - 6 drops - This blend helps to anchor our consciousness into our physcial body, and aids in releasing tension along the spine. It also lends emotional fortitude!

  • Lavender - 6 drops - Lavender is key in promoting feelings of relaxation—if you don’t like the scent, try it applied to the soles of your feet

  • Citrus oils - 4 drops - Citrus oils like Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, or Wild Orange are emotionally uplifting, and help release tension--which in turn may assist with regulating blood pressure

Gem essences - to create these, simply take a small glass or jar filled with spring water, add a clean, non-dissolvable crystal of your choice, cover, and wait 12+ hours.

You can use some of this water for the base of the spritz, instead of using plain water from the tap.

To explore the world of gemstone properties and information more deeply, I highly recommend getting this book (and don’t bother with many of the others)!

  • Moonstone - a keeper of feminine mysteries, this stone echoes the reflective properties of the moon and helps us see ourselves clearly, connects us with our feminine intuition, and releases emotional tension.

  • Labradorite - the “dark mother” stone, this sister of moonstone evokes magic and helps us safely move through the unseen, with deep insight into the self.

  • Rose Quartz - a heart-chakra stone, this high-frequency ally of the emotional body reminds us of deep, unconditional love, safety, trust, and joy.

  • Unakite (a Jasper variety) - this Earth-element stone facilitates gentle, steady healing and growth, helps us release emotional pain patterns, and is especially helpful during pregnancy

  • Amethyst - a favorite stone for people who are new to vibrational healing, amethyst stimulates the mind, intuition, and rekindles our connection to the spiritual realms

  • Peridot - positive growth, mindset, and power radiate from this stone, connecting us to our primal nature of abundance in health and wellbeing.

  • Smoky Quartz - this stone is deeply grounding, and lends balance and confidence in our physical form.

  • Larimar - this stone awakens our Divine Feminine, and is asssociated with both fire and water. It helps us communicate our needs clearly from the heart.

  • Jade (Nephrite) - this Goddess-stone has been used throughout time to assist is harmony and mastery of physical health, life, wealth, and wellbeing.

Whether you’re using just essential oils and water, or a combination of oils and essences - choosing the ingredients of your very own Labor Calm spray will help you to gain confindece in your intuitive wisdom.

Top off with pure water, and voila--you've made your very own bottle of Labor Calm Spray. Shake, spritz, and enJOY!


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