What Money Really Is: An Amplifier & Lubricant

Money is not evil, it's not corruption, and it's not actually something that changes people.

Money is simply a CURRENCY--like water in a stream.

It flows with ease and gentleness wherever it's not blocked off.

It can also rush through like a torrent of destruction, tearing apart the landscape around it with zero remorse.

(Some folks have more pebbles in their pond than others, and MANY have boulders and sediment that have diverted the flow for generations...)

It can shape beautiful and grand landscapes....over time.

But wait--how can money be an AMPLIFIER?

If you are one of those who think that, "If only I had more money, I would...."

  • eat healthier!

  • do yoga every morning!

  • donate to charities!

  • feed the hungry!

  • treat my family better!

You are lying to yourself, dear one.

The fact is, having more money will not magically give you the devotion or commitment to practice yoga or feed the hungry.

If you can make excuses about how it's too hard to live up to your values now, what exactly will change about your core character once you're wealthy?

Nothing. The answer is NOTHING.

You'll be the same you, with perhaps different excuses.

(So many people fear the true answer to this question, and so they subconsciously prefer to stay broke!)

Having more money will simply make it more obvious to yourSelf and to others, that you are someone who says he or she wants things....but isn't willing to work toward them.

If you're not committed to being the best version of yourSelf NOW, with whatever meager resources you have, money will not buy you commitment, fortitude, or ethics.

Money will amplify the traits of Who You Already Are.

If you're afraid of money changing you into a terrible person, it means that you're still afraid of fully facing the shadow-aspects of yourself.

Money is one of the best and most potent tools for personal growth--it pushes all our buttons, both in having it and NOT having it.

If someone seems to become an asshole after hitting the lottery--the truth is this:

He was always an asshole, but his lack of wealth meant he was compelled to hide it better.

Which brings me to my next point--money is a LUBRICANT.

We live in a society that is pay-to-play. For better or worse, almost every public space is accompanied by the expectation that you're to spend money there in order to exist.

If you're lacking in the department of financial bandwidth, simply paying your basic living expenses can feel like getting fucked in the a$$.

However, money is a fantastic lubricant for when you want to smooth things out.

Money makes things easier, whether that's having enough food to eat, or being able to use $10 for valet parking at a swanky event you'd otherwise be late to.

Some people seem to think that it's good karma to let life fuck them repeatedly...to stay poor and play small--to stay away from too much "dirty money".

However, it's obvious that if you have a fervent desire to help the poor or save the whales--you'll be able to do exponentially more good if you have $10K to spare, versus $10 to your name.

Also--it's time to put in a little #selflove plug right here--because I can promise you that you will NOT help anybody, in any way, by living a life that makes you miserable.

It's not shameful to want more than just "enough"--so actually embrace your desires.

Remember the thing I said about living your values, tho?

Just like surface tension between water molecules in a flowing stream--money likes to stick to itself.

Even if you only have $10 to spare, choose to align yourself to your values NOW, with whatever amount of money you have.

You're sending out a beacon--a massive solar flare--to the universe, saying:

"THIS is Who I Am, and this is who I commit to be."

"This is the path I choose to walk, regardless of how much or how little material wealth I currently possess."

Choosing to align to your highest values is like exercising a muscle. You build strength of character over time.

You can't take the shortcut of throwing money at your problems...for it will only AMPLIFY them.

One more thing about money....

Money flows where your attention goes.

So what are you paying attention to? (Pun intended)

Watch your thoughts....for they become your destiny.


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