It's NOT "Normal" to be Sick All the Time

"I'm fine." "Nothing's that wrong with me." "It's normal."

Look around you, at how many people are chalking odd symptoms up to "just getting older".

Look at how many kids are on prescriptions (7 out of 10 kids--did you know?).

Look at how many people can't lift heavy things, can't walk around the block, can't cope with the necessary physical effort that's required to do life. (Myself included with some of these - but I'm working on it!)

We're not fine--it's NOT normal to be sick or weak and just resign ourselves to it. We deserve health!

Health, vitality and strength are our birthright as human beings. Healing is normal - human beings can and do heal IF we supply our bodies with the right tools, including a healthy mindset.

So much of what's viewed as "inevitable"--genetics, aging, or typical symptoms of life are actually not stuff we have to accept or put up with.

I repeat, it's not normal to be sick, weak, tired all the time, and apathetic about it.

--Did you know? Losing your eyesight is not inevitable, because it's not universally experienced. Gaining weight around your middle has nothing to do with getting older. High blood pressure is not a necessary effect of aging. ("typical", yep--but not normal!)

It's not normal to be sick all the time. Even if we are struggling with major challenges like addiction, overwhelm, a demanding job, and lack of access to a healing diet - we are still in charge of our mindsets.

I tell my kids all the time, YOU run this show - your thoughts and ideas and mindset are entirely yours to shape and form as you see fit.

ABRACADABRA. (literally, this word means "I create what I speak")

Don't waste time or energy fixating on things you don't want, or things you're afraid of.

Why stick your head in the sand and dismiss new information, when all it offers you is hope, and perhaps a chance to enjoy your life more--to reclaim your vitality?

Don't get caught in the trap of all-or-nothing.

Don't get stuck thinking that self-punishment is self-love in disguise.

You don't need to embark on a high-impact training program and force yourself to eat kale all fact that's a BAD way to "take care" of yourself, because it's based in punishment instead of self-love.

I'm not even trying to sell products here--I'm just exasperated that so many people believe limiting, harmful things about their bodies and their health.

If you were offered the chance to massively up-level your life, and all you had to do was question your beliefs a little bit--why not jump at the chance?

I know, I know. It's scary to change, and to hope for something that may or may not pan out.

Worse - what if you pick at that little paint-flake of possibility and find that it actually peels back and exposes dozens of other things you thought were factual to be untrue?

What if HOPE upsets the apple cart of your current reality?

Please, be brave enough to embrace it. Nobody gets out of here alive in the end.

Life life to the fullest - and for me, that means being tirelessly optimistic about my health and wellbeing.

Comfort is the enemy of growth--and most of us aren't even alllll that comfortable where we're at.

We have the internet at our fingertips, we can research and learn new things to our heart's content, and we can even connect with others around the world who are also learning new things.

Point being?

Don't let your old-ass social programming (i.e. well-meaning naysayers, "the way it's always been") chuck out new information that can empower your life!