Can You Meet Your Baby Before Birth? Prebirth Communication & Meditation

Is it possible to "meet" your baby before he or she is born?

What about before you're even pregnant?

Many people and a growing body of scientific research say YES, prebirth communication is possible, and happens all the time.

For example, from the time he was a teenager…my husband knew he had a child waiting to be born.

In his dreams, long before we ever met - he saw her clearly - as a five year old little girl with wide eyes and vibrant energy, running up to him, exclaiming, "Daddy!"  She hugged him, and then said, "Mommy's coming," as she looked up a grassy path.

He had that dream for over five years, and he would always wake up before he saw the mother's face.

As I walked up the path to meet him in person for the first time, the man whom I would later share my life with had a profound experience.

He later told me that his dream turned into a vision before his eyes, and blended with the reality he was in the moment of, as I walked up to greet him.  

The day we met face to face, he knew that we were destined to have a child of our own.  

Now, if he would have told me that right then, I might have thought he was crazy!

Since then, however, I've learned a lot, and there's no longer much that seems "crazy" to me. Prebirth communication is just the tip of the iceberg where spirituality and cutting-edge science (and our hearts!) merge together.

When I was expecting our baby, we both knew she was a girl, despite never having an ultrasound to confirm it. I have no way of explaining this beyond that we both just KNEW who she was, immediately. 

My pregnancy was challenging. At one point, when I was feeling despairing and disconnected, my Love took me on an inner meditation-journey to connect with our baby, meet her, feel her love, and feed her our love in return.

In the meditation, it felt like the universe was inside my womb, and I was traveling inside of it, yet outside of anything physical or tangible.

Interestingly, my youngest son has recently been heard explaining matter-of-factly to his siblings that a mama's belly has the universe inside of it!  

It's neat that his precocious comments line up so well with my personal experience of prebirth communication during meditation.

Our sweet baby girl was born much later than expected.

I think these were some of the early lessons my daughter came here to help me learn: Patience.  Surrender.  Trust.

Claire was finally born after I'd lost count of how many false labor starts I'd already experienced, at not quite four in the morning.

Our daughter came on her own, on the birthday of her late grandmother, almost a year after she passed through the veil.

Claire was born naturally, quickly, and "in the caul" (with an unbroken bag of waters) - which has long been viewed as a sign of spiritual protection or enhanced intuitive abilities.

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I felt deeply, profoundly connected to this child, in a way that was new and wonderous to me.

It felt like we were all deeply bonded, like I'd already known her for years by the time she finally arrived Earthside.

I don't honestly know if this was because of me consciously working to raise my own vibration, or if my spirit-child was helping me out as well!  Really, I believe it was a little of both.

At the time, I still had a lot of fear and trust issues to work through, and I do accept my own role in co-creating the circumstances that led to the traumatic experience of her birth.

I am grateful for that experience, because through that pain, I learned some massive, important lessons as I found my way back to healing.

I would not be the person I am today without that trauma in my past, and I accept it as part and parcel of the gifts of spiritual growth through prebirth communication that my child brought to me.

The thing is, I thought that feeling this connection with my baby before birth was uncommon - or at least, a little too strange to talk about with just anyone!

Since then, I've learned that prebirth communication between parents and children is a common phenomenon!

It’s been occurring in myriad ways, in nearly every world culture, throughout time.

Only in recent times have many of us become so disconnected from our higher recollections that we think of it as unusual - but thanks to technology allowing us to connect in new ways, it's becoming increasingly common for those who have had these sorts of experiences to share them with the world!

An excellent book on prebirth communication is called Cosmic Cradle, by Elizabeth and Neil Carman. It gave voice to many of my thoughts and beliefs, and I think it's an amazing, inspiring, and paradigm-shattering read for anyone who's curious about where we come from and where we've been.

If this sort of thing intrigues you, please check out my Connecting With Your Baby meditation kit.

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Did you experience prebirth communication with your children in any way?  Do your kids (or you!) have memories that stretch back beyond infancy?

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