Can I prove natural remedies work? That's on you to decide.

I used to spend so much effort trying to prove that natural remedies work.

You's a tricky thing to be involved in natural wellness from a biz perspective.

Everyone seems to think that the main part of my time and energy ought to be spent convincing people that a holistic lifestyle is worth it.

They want me to Prove That Natural Remedies Work.

"No, Tom Riddle, I don't think I will, thx."

Personally, I think the time for this approach is long gone.

We are in the midst of the most extreme and intense times in anyone's memory, and the truth cannot be hidden forever.

If you want to insist that the old ways were working for you, then you've made your choice and I wish you well with whatever you've decided to put your trust in.

I'm passionate about helping people take back their power - but if you don't want it, then you don't want it.

I have sub-zero bandwidth or desire to convince anybody of anything, whether it's about conspiracy theories or your own choices. You do you, mate.

I share about essential oils because I have seen firsthand what powerful tools they are for supporting health, both physically and emotionally.

They are part of my family's approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle - which is really more of a mindset shift than anything.

I'm not just swapping out products - I've cultivated a mindset of holistic health that's fundamentally different than the pop-a-pill, do-what-you're-told version of (so-called) care.

Dental work, PTSD, sleep issues, digestive stuff, scars, and even a few wasp and bee stings - all are things that essential oils have helped with!

I have worked hard to become confident in making my own health choices apart from the collective.

It's not always easy to cultivate trust in the human body and its predisposition toward health and vitality - even when cutting-edge science and research supports this view!

A long time ago, I learned that it's unwise to put too much faith in the standard model of mainstream medical "care", and the events of 2020 have even more people questioning what "health care" ought to mean.

I've never been an evangelist. I'm not out to prove anything, I'm simply a storyteller. It's up to you to suss out the truth.

Does this mean we're either dependents of a broken, deeply flawed system - or....we're afloat without a paddle?

NO - there's always a third way:

We can return to the knowledge of the plant kingdom, to indigenous wisdom.

We can support each other with the best tools, research, and knowledge available.

Essential oils are a major part of that for my family, and I have learned firsthand that quality and purity is what bridges the gap between smelly-good nonsense and potent game-changing support.

The MLM-elephant in the room...or, Why buy from me?

So many people seem to be suspicious of women (particularly women, for some reason?) who sell essential oils "because they want money" - like it's all a scam?

Yes, we want money for the things we sell - just like Walmart and Amazon and Target. <gasp>

When you buy from a woman like me, yes - you're supporting a company as well as me and my efforts...BUT:

Unlike the mega-corps - dōTERRA is not publicly traded - that means that they have NO shareholders who can demand that they prioritize profit over all else. This means dōTERRA is free to stay true to their own ethical standards.

Do you realize how extremely rare that is?

//Off-topic rant over//

> If you want me to prove natural remedies work...well, that's not my job, love. If you want stories, maybe go listen to my podcast {and a thousand other sources}.

> If you're ready to add some powerful solutions to your natural medicine cabinet, then ask me about dōTERRA.