Reducing Toxic Load, when "Everything is Toxic"

Reducing toxic load is a "new" concept, so some folks think it's unnecessary - but our world is WAY more toxic now than it was even 50 or 100 years ago.

My dad is 80 and can't understand why we worry about toxins in our personal care products, our food, our clothing, and our home - because "toxins are everywhere! Everything is toxic!", he says.

And I nod and say, EXACTLY.

There ARE toxins everywhere, and they DO affect our wellbeing both in the short-term as well as chronically.

New research findings show that epigenetic changes can and do occur as a response to things like chemical triggers, and even emotional ones (i.e. extreme stress, trauma, abuse, war..)

While this isn't the main topic of this post, it's important to mention: There are also MANY ways we can reduce our toxic load beyond just the physical realm.

Munching organic kale and avoiding perfumed soaps will only help so much, if you're also surrounded by assholes and mentally beat yourself up every day.

Detox your thoughts, detox your friends list too. Those kinds of toxins matter just as much!

Research shows that lonely people don't live as long as those surrounded by what they feel is a supportive and loving community. I'm going to make sure that we're reducing toxic load in as many ways as possible.

These are some of my favorite basic tips for reducing toxic load and detoxing your physical life:

🌺 Eat a diet rich in whole, natural fruits and vegetables, and avoid most processed foods (obviously)
🌺 Clean your home with natural, DIY cleaners that double as foodstuffs (think baking soda, vinegar, club soda and lemon juice - all cheap and simple, and easy to POWER-UP with essential oils!
🌺 Don't use ANYTHING from "the stinky aisle" in the grocery store except maybe Free and Clear laundry detergent and natural dish soap (or castile soap).
🌺 Don't burn artificially-scented candles, and avoid plug-ins and air "fresheners" like the plague.
🌺 Purchase secondhand clothing, and choose cotton + natural fibres over synthetic. (Then soak or strip it to get the chemical fabric softeners out...sigh. This topic really deserves its own post.)
🌺 Don't wear shoes in the house if you can avoid it. You'd be surprised what gets tracked in!
🌺 Opt for DIY or natural versions of ALL personal care products. Rethink your toothpaste, your deodorant, your shampoo, your skin all matters.
🌺 Go for the organic skin care products, even if you've got to make it yourself. I make my own facial serum, and I'm confident it blows any high-end beauty product outta the water.

Oh and one more....drink PURE water!!

We've had a Berkey filter for years, but I'm thinking it's time to upgrade that as well. Your water quality makes a huge difference in your health.


🌺 Learn about Salt Sole ("so-lay"), the benefits of celery juice, and chia "gel" water.

This might look like a scary list, but really, it's down to small, simple choices that help you keep moving in the right direction.

I didn't just start doing this stuff overnight...some of it I learned a decade or more ago, other bits I'm still working on!

Your liver isn't the only organ that has to deal with the fallout of toxins...but it's the major one we need to support with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Medical Medium's advice on liver healing and removing toxins is solid and well ahead of our time.

doTERRA also offers softgels and an essential oil blend called Zendocrine that supports the liver and endocrine system naturally.

I sometimes apply it to our feet at night along with Frankincense and/or Oregano essential oils.

It's true - you'll never be able to live a toxin-free life- but that's NOT the goal here.

Reducing toxic load is about minimizing your exposure to the things you have some control over...and not stressing about the rest.