Rethinking Modern Birth - Part 1 of a Series

Rethink Birth

Why do we need empowered childbirth? How do we go about cultivating such a thing?

Birth is something that every single one of us experiences--whether it’s giving birth, attending a birth, or being born ourselves. All human beings on Earth, throughout time, are connected through this most ancient rite of passage.

In modern times, however, birth--something that is integral to the survival of our species--has become something worth rethinking.

Women often experience fear throughout pregnancy in our culture--and tend to look toward modern obstetric care to “deliver them” from the unknown experience of birth.

We have become disconnected from the true nature and ability of our bodies. The intense, primal, transformational experience of an unfettered birth is something that far too many women today miss out on.

Being aware of the fact that you have choices is one of the first key steps to having a calm and confident birth experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a homebirth, a medically necessary C-section, or anything in between--you always retain the power of choice.

Even in unexpected or stressful circumstances, you can choose how to react, how to express your feelings, and what actions to take next.

Much of a conscious, empowering birth experience is essentially rooted in practicing a mindful lifestyle:

Truly knowing yourSelf, Taking responsibility for your own choices and decisions, ...and not relying on others to tell you what you “should” or “have to” do.

Your body and mind are exquisitely intertwined with your baby’s from the first flickers of life within. Being mindful of and responsible for the choices that you make is key to having an emotionally positive birth experience.

Truthfully, no one can “empower” you –

You must simply decide to claim the power that's already inside yourSelf.

Birth is truly a soul journey....both the baby’s and the mother’s. The steps we'll discuss in this series of posts are a great way to begin your journey toward a more empowering birth experience.

  • Whether you're having your first baby or your seventh

  • Whether you're needing to have a highly managed surgical birth or you're planning an unassisted homebirth

  • Whether you've had affirming or disappointing experiences with your body in the past

You can choose to rethink, heal, be inspired, and fully embrace your journey toward labor, birth, and motherhood.

Rethinking our typical approach to childbirth opens the door to a whole new paradigm of thought about birth, our bodies, and even our identity.

Birth isn't just about babies – it's about ourSelves as women, as mothers, as individuals, and as partners.

Facing the experience of childbirth is an opportunity for immense potential personal growth, because it's something that touches all aspects of our existence: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I hope that you will have a wonderful birth – however you define “wonderful”!

I want to raise awareness about the incredible and often rewarding possibilities that a natural, holistic approach to childbirth (and overall living + wellness) provide.

I want to help empower women to seek their own answers, instead of trying to convince them to listen to whatever expert is most prominent (including myself!).

I envision a world where women offer and experience the loving support of each other in their childbearing years, instead of disconnecting over details and arguing about the “right” way to do things.

We have a lot in common, you and I.

Even though I've never met you.

Even though I have no idea about your past experiences or beliefs - your views on parenting, spirituality, etc.

We share the crucially common ground of wanting better: for ourSelves, our children, our families, and our lives.

We know that we deserve more than what we've been conditioned to quietly accept.

We seek knowledge and answers, and we believe in ourSelves, our judgments and our choices (or, at least we're beginning to!).

We share this beautiful bit of unity, and that transcends such a vast array of differences.

My births might not have been anything like yours, and my story might be vastly different than your own.

However, we all want to be treated with dignity, basic respect, compassion, and empathy.

That truth spans across gender, time, race...throughout all of humanity.

I hope my words here resonate with you, and touch your heart in some way. I hope that you are able to seek and find the resources you need to have an amazing birth experience: both physical resources and social support, and the wealth of untapped inner resources within you.

Pregnancy and birth are both beginnings and endings, in their own way. Stay tuned for more ways in which we'll explore how you can rethink childbirth, tap into your own personal power, and truly embrace the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


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