The Best Supplements on the Planet are from an "Essential Oil" Company

Who knew you could get the most effective nutritional supplements in the world from dōTERRA - a company that's known primarily for selling essential oils??

I admit it, I was a major skeptic....but they have a money-back guarantee, and I was desperate for real change.

WELL - I am so eager to get my next order in the mail, because I will NOT let myself run out of the Lifelong Vitality supplements again!

These things are a game-changer for our energy levels, immunity, sleep habits, and much more. My nails and skin look better, and my whole body just operates better.

You know how you often get neon-colored urine when you take regular multivitamins?

That's because you're not absorbing that much of them, and instead you're putting a strain on your kidneys and creating expensive pee.

Kind of pointless, right?

Well, dōTERRA's supplements don't do that to you. They put MORE of each ingredient in a dose - and it's in a highly absorbable state so you get LESS waste, and no neon pee.

There's a difference between getting a therapeutic dose of each vitamin, supplement, and mineral...versus them just "fluffing the label" by putting trace amounts of things that won't actually do anything useful for your body, when you take them in such small quantities...or in a form that's hard for the body to absorb.

Interestingly, dōTERRA's supplements are actually their number ONE product....NOT any of their essential oils!

"They're vegan-friendly, look!"

That's not what you'd expect from an "essential oil company", right?

dōTERRA knows that they've truly got to help others by making a difference in their overall vitality, and good nutrition starts with the basics - right here.

I'll tell you a secret - dōTERRA is really a WELLNESS company, disguised as an essential oils company.

Those who are already dōTERRA members know this secret!

We might have joined for the yummy smells or to live a more natural lifestyle, but we're staying because we feel more healthy and strong than we've felt in years...maybe ever!

These supplements have replaced so many bottles on my countertop....even the St. John's Wort that I've taken for years to help with balancing my mood.

Now, the Lifelong Vitality supplements even come in these little daily packs...and I'll be honest - my first thought was, oh, that's nice - but too much plastic...

And then? dōTERRA wows us all again because the plastic they're wrapping these in is compostable!

It's so nice to be able to buy from a company who actually has integrity and a vision for a sustainable future. They offer vegan and non-vegan versions of the Lifelong Vitality Pack.

Oh, and BY THE WAY - these supplements also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Take them for 30 days, and if you don't feel a difference they will actually refund you! That's how confident dōTERRA is in this product.

Have you taken Lifelong Vitality supplements yet?

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