The opposite of paranoia: What if everything's rigged in your favor?

I want to ask you - what if you allowed yourself to believe that everything is continually working out in your favor? 

What if we envisioned that the universe itself was conspiring to shower us with blessings, strew delights across our path daily, and make sure that we were in just the right place, at the right time, to catch a glimpse of rainbow after each storm?

What if we all went through our daily lives assuming the best of others, even when they do things like cut us off in traffic, or say things we disagree with?

What if we believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast? 

How might your life change, if you spent time imagining your wildest dreams on the daily?

Things just keep getting wilder and weirder, so I wanted to send a reminder that we are absurdly fortunate to be here on this planet at this time - yes, even if it may feel like we’re in the middle of a psychic world war three.

This IS war - a war on our consciousness, our mental and emotional wellbeing, and our sovereignty - but it’s not like we’re new to this.

It’s been happening in some form, perhaps with less intensity (or just less visibility) for ages.

So in this world where our attention is currency, seemingly valuable only to those who wish to manipulate us - be a rebel by being as relentlessly free and happy as you possibly can.

Don’t spend your precious life-energy paying attention to all the bad, sad, nefarious things in the world - because what we focus our attention on grows.

Instead - focus on all the ways you can be a total muckraker, a wrench in the gears, a glitch in the matrix:

Smile at strangers, even if they scowl.

Assume positive intent, without any confirmation or assurance.

Go outside barefoot, and place your feet on the grass, soil, weeds, or even concrete. Feel the sun on your face.

Stare at the sky and see if you can make the clouds change shape as you’re watching.

Breathe in the fresh air, and see if you can remember something you loved to do as a child.

Put pen to paper and write, draw, create, doodle like nobody will ever see it, like you don’t have to make it “correctly”, simply for the sheer joy of making your mark visible.

Grab a planter pot - or even a plastic solo cup - and some soil from outside. It does not have to be fancy garden soil from the fancy garden store. Plant some sunflower or zinnia seeds, radishes, peas, basil, or mustard. Put them on your windowsill and keep the soil from drying out - and look at them daily (this is important). Plants inspire hope.

Put on some loud music, start singing, and dance around your room until you’re out of breath. Bonus - pretend you’re at a club or on a stage, and everybody’s watching!

Get rid of (anti)social media, and see how much better you feel when you’re not being served up ads and clickbait thinly disguised as dopamine.

Go find some flowers to smell. Do something creative that requires your hands. Read a new book. Compliment a stranger. Go somewhere new, even if it’s just a little way away from home.

And please, if you haven’t already - turn off the fuckin news. Nobody needs that drama-parade!

Sure, setbacks are a thing. And the playing field is FAR from level - but that still doesn’t change the fact that life is largely what you decide to make of it.

Further - energy flows where attention goes - so life becomes more of what you FOCUS ON. Don’t let the darkness derail your attention from all the insane, divine beauty that is our world.

Instead of paranoia…read up on PRONOIA. It’s a concept first introuduced to me by astrologer Rob Breszny, and it’s cut through so much of the noise that normally gets in the way of enJOYing life.

It’s been an especially helpful concept for me to embrace over the past 18-ish months.

Humans are capable of so much beauty, and we can heal the world and each other, too - if only we focus on that potential.

I love you. Keep up the good fight, friend - for your consciousness, and for the collective vibration of our planet.


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