The Rainbow Bridge - A Birthday Story for my Boys

A Rainbow Bridge story is sometimes written to welcome a child Earthside. It tells a tale of pre-birth consciousness. This is the cosmic story of my 4th and 5th children, adapted from our Knowing and my Imagination.

Once upon a time, in a land of time unchanging, beyond the Rainbow Bridge and the River of Forgetfulness...there lived two spirit children.

They lived with the moon and sun, amidst the stars, with many spirit-beings–and they were peaceful and happy.

One day, they happened to notice a beautiful blue orb, far away–yet somehow, not so far. The orb seemed to call to them, and so they asked the spirits about it.

“That orb is the world, our Mother Earth.”

“May we go there?” the children asked.

“Perhaps,” the spirits replied. “But you cannot go at the same time. The world is not yet ready for both of you at once.” So the children waited.

Time passed, and the spirit children each thought about this place called Mother Earth.

As they imagined what Earth would be like, they could picture trees and flowers, rivers and mountains, animals and people…almost as if from a distant memory.

One day, the spirit children both dreamed about Mother Earth so vividly that it was almost like they had been transported there, together.

They walked amidst flowers and gardens, fields and houses....they saw many, many people, and finally, a family that felt so special caught their attention.

The spirit-children felt that they had known these souls before, and loved these souls before - a mama-soul and a daddy-soul, a family full of love.

This mama and daddy already had three Earth-children of their own, and these Earth-children's souls whispered softly, in a language beyond words, “We love you! Will you come and live with us?”

When the spirit-children awoke, in awe, they shared their vivid dream with each other...realizing that the shared dream meant...they were destined to become siblings.

The one spirit-child was so eager and excited. He longed to meet his Earth family and jump and play, laugh and run through the fields and flowers together.

However, the other spirit-child was not yet sure about this new, strange place called Mother Earth. He wasn't sure it would be as loving, as gentle, or as joyful as the spirit realm...even if his family was there to protect him.

He, too, longed to join this family...but he felt that he wanted to first anchor his soul more fully into the boundless love and joy of the spirit realm.

Together, they contemplated their differing thoughts, and together, they made a pact:

One would go ahead, and would bring an extra-bright light of joy and laughter into the world.

In this way, he reasoned, the whole of Mother Earth might feel just a little bit more like our true Home - the spirit realm.

Meanwhile, the other would stay behind, and soak up as much boundless wisdom and love as possible, while he waited for his turn to come.

In this way, he reasoned, he could bring a little more of our true Home - the spirit realm - down to Mother Earth and his chosen family.

Together, they agreed that it was time. Together, they told the spirit-beings of their shared dream, and of their pact.

They listened thoughtfully.

Then the first spirit child asked, “May I go to Mother Earth now?”

After a moment's consideration, their spirit-guides replied, “Your devotion to each other is lovely, but you may not remember your pact once you arrive on Mother Earth. Are you sure you're ready?”

"Yes!" they both agreed, eagerly!

“In that case, it is time for you to begin your journey to Mother Earth, little one,” the spirit-guides said to the one.

"Likewise, it is time for you to prepare for your journey with new awareness, now that you have clarity," the spirit-guides said to the other.

The two sibling-souls hugged one final time, not fully understanding just how powerful the Cosmic River of Forgetfulness is; not fully understanding just how long, in Earth-time, it would feel until they were reunited once more.

The first sweet soul was overjoyed and elated, and so he only looked back for a moment - just in time to see his precious sibling-soul and their spirit-guides smiling warmly at him.

He prepared to board a little boat, which would take him safely across the Rainbow Bridge, on the Cosmic River of Forgetfulness...

“We will always be near you!” exclaimed his sibling-to-be, as they waved their final goodbyes, looking deeply into each others' very essence...knowing that no matter what, they could never fully forget each other.

With that, the first child began his journey toward Mother Earth, following the guiding light his sibling-soul shined for him.

Now that his sibling-soul's journey had begun, the sweet soul who remained behind turned again to his spirit-guides.

"What must I do now?" the little one asked.

The spirit-guides replied, "Nothing is ever certain - but if you wish to honor the shared connection between you and your sibling-soul, and the family he has joined...all you have to do is observe, and watch, and wait. When the time is right, you will dream of them again."

This little soul knew that he has been given an uncommon gift, in being able to plan his journey to Mother Earth so thoughtfully.

He resolved, right then, to be a shining light of wisdom and awareness - both now, for his sibling-soul, and a guide of wisdom far beyond his Earthly years.

MEANWHILE....while ten moons waxed and waned, the first little soul rocked gently in his boat...eager for the journey to come.

As the journey went on, the child grew nervous...but then, he felt surrounded by love, warmth, and light like never before, and finally peeked out of the boat to see the most glorious sight:

A beautiful rainbow had stretched from the edge of his boat, all the way to Mother Earth!

Finally, carefully....this sweet spirit child travelled across the Rainbow Bridge, through the veil–and on that day our precious baby Nikolas was born at home, surrounded by love.

You can read his (non-mythical) birth story here.

Almost from day 1, Nik began to spread his incredible joy and light throughout the world, and before we knew it, he was ONE year old!

Nik makes us all laugh and laugh with his infectious grins, boundless joy, and endless energy.

He must have sent word to the spirit-realm after all....because just 2 short years and 2 short days later - Nik's final sibling-soul was ready to arrive Earthside--!

Finally (again!), we welcomed our 5th and last baby across the Rainbow Bridge...safely, peacefully, and with love, into the hands of his Daddy.

We named him Oliver. You can read Ollie's freebirth story here.

I think Ollie and Nik must have forgotten their pact for a little while...because Nik felt sullen, resentful, and angry for a time after Ollie's arrival.

However, now...they are the best of friends.

Just like before, in eternity. :)

If this concept intrigues you, you might be fascinated to read the story of how we met our 3rd child before she was born. Pre-birth communication is surprisingly a well-researched and documented phenomenon across all cultures, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), and throughout time.