Turmeric Essential Oil, Curcurmin, and Absorption Issues

Do you use Turmeric powder, turmeric capsules...or maybe...Turmeric essential oil?

Why Turmeric essential oil? Isn't it better fresh, or in capsules? Actually, no.

Maybe you're already familiar with the health benefits of turmeric, or maybe you've heard of it as a potent anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric is well-researched, and its active ingredient, curcumin, has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in the body. Turmeric also supports increased cardiovascular and neural activity. It offers protective antioxidant properties, too.

I've been consuming turmeric in powder form for years. However, I learned a lot about turmeric essential oil at doTERRA's annual convention this year!

Turmeric essential oil also supports healthy glucose and lipid metabolism. It may also enhance cellular antioxidant enzymes.

The only downside of turmeric is, it's hard for the body to digest and absorb.

That means it can be difficult to get worthwhile benefits from taking it.

Nobody wants to spend money on supplements just to have it all flushed down the toilet!

Even if you're juicing fresh, raw turmeric root--the fact remains that there are some water-soluble parts and some fat-soluble parts. To get the best nutrient absorption, we're advised to take Turmeric powder capsules with healthy fats, black pepper, and lots of water--but it's still not ideal.

However, dōTERRA has already isolated the parts of turmeric that are fat-soluble (curcurmin), and they're in our top-selling Lifelong Vitality supplements!

Now, with Turmeric essential oil, the water-soluble parts (tumerones) are easily available as well! It can be used internally, aromatically, and topically without a carrier oil.

Our Turmeric essential oil is of the purest quality, meaning, only VOCs are present in the bottle - NO carrier oil or caloric compounds added. You can check the independent lab-tested results of the purity of every bottle of dōTERRA oils at sourcetoyou.com.

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