Who's Got the Cure for Viral Fear?

I'm absolutely sick of the viral fear that's been plaguing our planet.

Lots of uncomfortable truths are being unveiled in the world, and the division is worse than ever before - extreme and alarming.

If you follow the Schumann resonance, you know it's been measuring off the charts for weeks now.

>> The Schumann resonance can be described as the frequency or heartbeat of planet Earth, mother Gaia. It tends to correspond with intenisty in human events and consciousness. Might sound woo, but NASA measures it too.

The energetic split that we're witnessing in society right now is wild...and I am more and more motivated to speak truth to my own reality, instead of paying attention to the fearmongering, power-plays, and propaganda.

(Yes, I know that the 'rona is real. I know that people have lost their lives to it, and I hold compassion for those souls - truly.)

However, I have come to believe that the greater concern is not a virus - but our world's insane response to this pandemic.

We need to pull back the curtains and look critically at the big picture, and what it will mean for us if we stay complicit in this unprecedented psy-op...

I know for many, many people, I'm already speaking blasphemy here. Please, read on with an open heart.

We are creating a new world for our children, and the things that have already been normalized as part of this pandemic are deeply unsettling.

In Human Design, I have exactly one channel in my chart - and that's the 13-33, the channel of the prodigal. This channel has to do with taking in the stories and experiences of myself, of others, and of the world very deeply, and reflecting on it all.

Then, the prodigal finally returns, or emerges from their 'cave' to share a clear retelling of what they've seen, full of the revelations they've synthesized through it all.

The more intense the world has become, the less inclined I've been to speak my views aloud.

Instead of being entrenched in dogma, or having a predetermined set of 'deal-breaker' beliefs...I have tried my best to remain curious and open - even through the rolling emotional shocks of seeing so many well-respected and educated leaders around me do the opposite.

Meanwhile, well-respected medical professionals of all stripes, in many nations, are now being dragged through the mud as conspiracy theorists - simply because they are questioning the "settled science" that's being touted as truth.

Please read this link for more insight into how our views have radically shifted and evolved since last year.

You may recall that I was one of the first people to be wearing masks in public, staying home, and sanitizing my groceries. Back in March 2020, I was fully prepared to do whatever it took to prevent a mass extinction event - even before the rest of my state took it seriously!

This linked article is a piece by my dear friend and mentor Dr. Marissa Heisel in Canada (where the lockdowns have been very extreme).

It's long, but nothing is short or simple these days.

From Viral Fear to Fearless Creation

The past year has divided our world in massive ways - and I'm learning that many people I thought of as friends and colleagues are simply not willing (or able?) to look beyond the mundane, fear-mongering narrative we're being fed.

I believe we're in the middle of collective spiritual warfare, and I'm plainly shocked that it's not obvious to everyone.

My big awakening of the past year is - I don't feel like the same person I was before I left rural Texas and moved to Austin.

Or maybe - I AM, and it's just that the city isn't what I thought it was.

Austin had been my Zion for most of my life - I thought it was the home I'd been yearning for, a place where I could find like-minded community and acceptance.

To me, Austin was a place of FREEDOM. A place where art and self-expression was valued, where higher education meant less hoop-jumping, and more academic curiousity + creative spark. A place where nature + healthy living + yoga + the occult + ART {all MY things} could be celebrated instead of 'just' tolerated.

I thought I was moving closer to my tribe, my people - but this past year has opened my eyes to a dark side of Austin 'progressive thought' that I was blind to as a rural Texan.

I thought Austin was green and eco-conscious, and full of compassionate souls who understood nuance and oneness.

I missed the details, when I was just hopping into the city for a few hours each week to shop for healthy foods, or meet with friends who didn't make me feel like I was the weirdest person on the planet for being happy and free.

It turns out that the extremism I had become so attuned to in rural Texas has an opposite yet equally-extremist bent in the city...and I do NOT like it.

I have lived my whole life looking for the third path.....never willing to accept that there are only two sides to a coin, or a story.

It's so, so much deeper than we are being conditioned to think.

A mask or shot may be an effective virtue-signal, but it does NOT automatically mean you care about others, and it does not make you "safe".

Breathing freely and opting out of experimental medicine does NOT make you a racist, and it says exactly zero about your politics, morals, or spirituality. Masks were not a thing in 2019, and the most significant change we've seen since then is - truly - the messages of fear and demands for compliance we're all being bombarded with.

Nuance is the missing link, and it's in very short supply in the American public.

Of course we should be mindful, and compassionate - many of us have lost loved ones, and are sad, angry, and hurting.

But we cannot lose ourselves in the compassion of others.

We cannot keep the world warm by setting fire to ourselves.

I have come to recognize that somewhere between "two weeks to flatten the curve" and where we are now, we've seriously lost our way, folks.


--If you're reading this message and head-nodding along with my words, I'm so glad you're here, and that you are also questioning the narrative. You probably agree that mainstream "health care" has been a costly charade for decades, especially when it comes to prevention and maintaining wellness.

Please stay in my orbit, as I've got some excellent new things planned! I'm back on Insta, enjoying Clubhouse, and launching a podcast very soon.

--If you're reading this and feeling mad, shocked, or annoyed with me, I invite you to sit with those feelings. You don't need to tell me anything at all - you can just click away and forget my little corner of the internet exists.

(Or maybe, my words will live in a dark corner of your mind, and might turn out to resonate with you at some point in the future. Either way. That's cool, too.)

I won't be upset in the slightest, and send you nothing but peace, love - and most of all, clarity.

The past 13 months have brought greater awareness to many...and none of us are the same as we once were.

Again, please-please read the article linked above if you're even a bit curious - I know how hard and painful it is to change our beliefs!

I am sending you all the love & tenderness you need to navigate these challenging times.