SIX Reasons Why dōTERRA is the Perfect MLM Company

Updated October 2020
This month marks my 1-year anniversary with the best essential oils company in the world: dōTERRA! I know dōTERRA is the perfect MLM, because I tried pretty much ALL the others first (yes, really).

So, to celebrate - I wanted to detail WHY dōTERRA is the perfect MLM, because to be honest, I wasn't going to be happy with "just" quality products. It's 2019 - and if we want change in this world, it's high time we start expecting more of the companies we decide to support.

REASON #1: Fantastic, pure, and effective essential oils + natural, sustainable products

First off, if the essential oils you're buying aren't fulfilling a therapeutic need - why buy them? Essential oils are way more than just smelly-goods for your home.

dōTERRA is the perfect MLM because they offer potent wellness solutions, and they meet strict quality and efficacy standards that mean they're worth investing in.

All our oils are CPTG - Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade - but what does that actually MEAN?

The Certified Pure part means, from the farms we partner with to the bottling and beyond, dōTERRA is testing every single batch of oil to ensure purity.

The Therapeutic Grade part means that every batch of oil must also pass tests to ensure efficacy, meaning, the biochemical signature of each oil indicates the chemical constituents that should be present, are.

If you're using dropperfuls of essential oils in order to see results....first off, are those oils REALLY as cheap as you want to believe?

And second, if they're not as effective as they should be...then WHAT else is in that bottle? Are those fillers even safe for your skin or lungs?

C'mon. We can do better.

The essential oils and products dōTERRA sells fulfill legitimate needs, in a sustainable way - which makes them worth it.

REASON #2: When it comes to money - do you want big flashes or a sustained burn?

TO BE CLEAR - I'm not saying that dōTERRA will definitely make you money. Let's be real - MOST people who join are simply product users, and don't generate any income.

But it's worth noting that dōTERRA's compensation model was specifically created with industry experts, who have seen too many "flash-in-the-pan" stories in the industry.

dōTERRA's retention rate remains at over 60% - and that's one of the highest in the MLM industry. In other words, 60% of people who order from dōTERRA once go on to place a second order.

Why? Because they meet legitimate needs for folks who care about the products we put in and on our bodies, the supplements we use, and the way we clean our homes.

We're in it for the long haul, and our company culture is one that values community and nurtures leadership.

Incidentally, I know someone who made 7 figures selling...leggings. I mean, GET that money, honey! I dunno if she's still bringing that in, but hey, that's a big impact.

But also, how many leggings does any one person need?

Not to mention, “disposable” clothing fibres are one of the prime sources of ocean pollution. I strive to buy my clothing secondhand as much as possible, personally.

. . . . . . .

At this point, I reckon somebody's gonna tell me I'm too idealistic or too sensitive - and that I shouldn't bother nitpicking companies based on lofty social-justice criteria.


Well, I hate to burst your status-quo bubble, but the under 40-crowd is FED UP. (Probably a lot of the over-40s too)

We aren't accepting platitudes. We're no longer willing to sell our souls. We're done worshipping at the altar of unchecked capitalism. We're done creating collateral damage and it's time for HOLISTIC solutions.

Right, then.

REASON #3: dōTERRA is the perfect MLM because they offer solutions that actively seek to end exploitative practices

This is true for the people they partner with globally, and the lands those people manage as well.

Sustainable and ethical growing practices (Earth Care and People Care, in permaculture language!); the scientific research initiatives that prioritize healing over "symptom management"; the many charity programs doTERRA funds; as well as the Healing Hands program...

These are all uncommon goals for a corporation to be pursuing, and they clearly set dōTERRA apart.

Essential oils, supplements, and toxin-free personal care products make a significant impact on people’s health – and it’s in a way that supports our body’s innate capacity for healing.

REASON #4: dōTERRA partners with medical doctors and professionals to provide health care that doesn't rely on insurance.


Maybe you haven't heard yet: dōTERRA is committed to helping sort out the mess of "health care" that HMOs and insurance created.

They're using the concept of subscription-based services to open collaborative health care clinics, where you can Face-Time with doctors who are trained in both allopathic and holistic models of care.

dōTERRA's goal is to “disrupt the current health care system” with their Prime Meridian Health Care Clinics – because illness management is not sustainable, and dōTERRA’s founders understand that.

REASON #5: dōTERRA is a debt-free company, and the seven founders have publicly pledged to NEVER sell the company.

When the founders first started, they searched for investors to help...but every single investor they found demanded a huge share of the profits and major control of the company - so they said NO.

Instead, they ended up taking out loans on their personal homes and selling their things to launch their dream - which is now a billion-dollar company - with NO outside investors.

What does that mean for us? It means there are no shareholders in the background, steering the company away from our shared ideals in favor of shareholder profits.

That's integrity, folks, and it's impressive.

dōTERRA is a relationship business - and even the compensation plan is structured specifically to encourage that!

Finally, it's worth noting that dōTERRA is also a profit-sharing business - meaning, 7% of their GLOBAL profits are shared directly with their leaders who rank Silver and above.

So, if you’re scared of numbers – drop that limiting belief and go check out dōTERRA from a business perspective. It's really not your average MLM.

REASON #6: Unparalleled company culture and relationship-based community

Having been with another MLM before, I was already blown away after just one week of joining dōTERRA, because of the massive amount of support, business training, and clear ENERGY that I found among its members.

If you've followed me for a while, you'll know of my longstanding admiration for Australian biz goddess Leonie Dawson. I was a member of her phenomenal paid mastermind for five years, and it was nothing short of life-changing.

So imagine my shock when I realized that within dōTERRA - I found people who had the same wonderful, uplifting, unapologetically awesome vibe as my mastermind group!

Here I found women who were committed to personal growth and intellectual inquiry, unafraid of shadow work, and ready to face the mirror + dig deep to reach their goals.

Joining doTERRA was a fantastic decision I'm still proud of one year later.

My favorite thing about dōTERRA is really the reason I joined in the first place - their integrity and commitment to doing good. (Their compensation plan is a close second!)

Ready to see what you've been missing? Get your own dōTERRA oils .


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