Why I picked dōTERRA

Well, if you want the short answer--it's because they're an amazing company with pure and natural products that work.

If you want to learn about how and why I ended up choosing dōTERRA, you can start with my blogs:

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  2. Here's why it took me almost 8 months to decide what to do next.

dōTERRA believes that health care is primarily self-care.

I love that, as it's in line with what I've always felt to be correct.

dōTERRA has some major philanthropy programs. Their unique business structure + amazing leadership has allowed many women to climb out of abuse, poverty, and oppression and create thriving, sustainable lives for themselves. I think that's amazing.

Speaking of sustainability, dōTERRA's actions show that they care about the planet.

They support small farmers and take care not to overharvest. They harvest crops from specific ecoregions around the world where each plant grows naturally, because that's better for the environment AND produces a higher-quality product.

dōTERRA utilizes 3rd party testing of all their essential oils for purity and quality.

I think that's the ethical thing to do--not to mention the most transparent and trustworthy.

Oh, and another amazing thing - dōTERRA's a debt-free company.

That gorgeous headquarters building in the picture? No bank lien - it's paid in full. They're a sustainable business both in terms of finances and the environment.

Finally - their essential oils and products are the real deal.

I've used all sorts of essential oils - and they are NOT all created equal. Some work wonders, and some...well, they're underwhelming.

PLUS - the supplements dōTERRA sells offer a truly therapeutic dose (instead of just fluffing the label with barely-there ingredients) - AND they sell them AT COST.

That's a superb commitment to wellness - both to human beings everywhere...and to the Earth.

I'm proud to be part of dōTERRA.

Are you ready to join me on this adventure?