Why I DON'T WEAR Sunscreen + What I Do Instead

I just spent two straight days outside in the heat and sun, and I don't wear sunscreen!

But I didn't burn. I never wear sunscreen anymore, for a bunch of reasons - but more importantly, I don't wear sunscreen because I no longer need it.

Plenty of my skin was exposed for 5 hours at a waterpark on Sunday, and out at Barton Springs all afternoon the day afterward.

I used to burn all the time, even while wearing SPF 50 sunblock!

It's not only down to the essential oils I use....but that's a big part of it.

Science time!

Did you know that sunburn is actually an inflammatory response in the body?

If your system is already coping with inflammation internally, from any number of things from poor diet to illness to toxins in your environment, you may be more likely to get sunburned.

Here are some of my best lifestyle tips that keep me from burning, and explain why I don't wear sunscreen!


The quality of your water matters, and if you're drinking stuff with sugar added, it almost doesn't count. I make sure to drink 20+ ounces of distilled water first thing in the morning, and I'll often add a drop of Lemon or Grapefruit essential oil to it.

Sometimes I'll add a tablespoon of chia seeds because they structure the water differently (here's a link about gel water!) so that our cells can absorb it more easily. Structured water sounds a bit woo - but I can't deny how much better it makes me FEEL.

You can also try salt sole (say 'soh-LAY') first thing in the morning - it's like a super-hydrating energy drink with minerals your body needs. Google it - it's easy to make!

-I DON'T wear commercial sunscreens.

I know, this sounds counterintuitive - but it's not! Because commercial sunscreens are actually full of nasty stuff (like hormone disruptors) that our bodies absorb, and these can contribute to even MORE inflammation! Talk about a bait and switch...

Instead, I cover my exposed skin in coconut oil, and reapply it every few hours. I also frequently make use of a hat and sunglasses to protect my face and eyes! Recently I've decided I'm fine with how I look in a cowboy hat...

Lots of artificially scented products from laundry detergents to makeup disrupt our hormones and contribute to overall inflammation in the body - and that INCLUDES most commercial sunscreens!

-I EAT BETTER than I used to.

Back in the days where I got sunburned easily, my (vegetarian!) diet was easily 90% processed, packaged foods, and very high in sugars + grains. It didn't seem to matter how much sunscreen I wore - I burned like a lobster after as little as 30 minutes in the sun.

If you burn easily, consider cutting back on sugar, dairy, grains, and nightshade foods (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants) for a few weeks and see how your body feels.

Try eating more fresh, raw fruits and veggies. These don't have to be fancy meals - literally just grabbing the bag of baby carrots for a snack instead of chocolate raisins makes a difference!

Try making a smoothie for breakfast or (and!) a big salad for dinner - and you'll find you have less appetite for low-nutrient foods.

My Lifelong Vitality supplements contain powerful cellular protection and support against free radicals (AKA what's created when your skin is oxidized by getting burned).

Good nutrition and digestive support go a long way in cooling our body's internal fires - so that our immune response can be free to handle anything else that comes at it.

-My secret weapon? Essential oils!

Yes, essential oils are, well, essential! For sun protection, I use them both topically and internally.

After getting home from 5+ hours at the waterpark, we were all feeling tired and achey, and I knew we could use some extra support.

INTERNALLY.... I made up a capsule for both me and my husband with these four potent cellular repair oils:

-Copaiba- a CBD alternative that's fantastic for the nervous system -Frankincense, the King of oils for so many things including cellular support -Pink Pepper (supports cellular cycles like Frank does!) -Turmericessential oil - a potent aid against inflammation

The Turmeric essential oil is really a groundbreaking development, because of how readily it's absorbed by the body when taken internally. You can read my whole post on Turmeric essential oil here.

TOPICALLY... I also applied Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils to our shoulders, arms, and back along with a carrier of Calendula-infused olive oil - an excellent skin soother! Calendula is a flower in the marigold family, and I've got some growing in my garden right now.

I skip the internal oils for my kids, but I added Copaiba and Franky to their topical oil blend, and nobody had any sign of sunburn the next day!

Do you burn easily in the sun?

I'd love to help you get started with essential oils and a personalized wellness consult!