Young Living Link List - My Search for the Truth

Here is my entire resource list of links that I have compiled in my research about Young Living's ethics and trustworthiness.

This resource list is meant to provide comprehensiveness and transparency.

TIP>> If any links (here or anywhere) are broken, try copying the URL and pasting it into the search bar on the Wayback Machine site. This site allows you to pull up old versions of websites that have since been edited, deleted, or taken down.

YL has since deleted the site they used to have,, but you can find the content of it here:

July 2018 - YL has been found to have acted in bad faith in instigating the lawsuits against doTERRA, and has been ordered to pay doTERRA's legal fees!

Spring 2018 - Young Living has had their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau REVOKED. Update 11/2018, YL now has an A rating with the BBB, but are still not accredited. Thanks to a reader for bringing this to my attention. doTERRA is accredited with the BBB and maintains an A+ rating.

June 2017 - doTERRA is vindicated in the Young Living trial:

Earlier than June 2017.... This link contains MANY sources that are still up, detailing the independent testing a YL member had done, and subsequent pressure from YL legal to stop her from talking about it!

More on that story firsthand, here.... ..and her updates here:

The actual lab results indicating adulterated oil from YL, that she shipped directly from YL to the lab (documentation above):

Her correspondence from YL when she asked for answers: and ...and the subsequent legal pressure she received:

This person apparently has a vendetta against both YL and DT because they are "new age", and somehow dangerous to Christianity (??)

However, he had written an article on the popular site, which is now "suspended"--and even the Wayback Machine can't pull up the text of the retracted article. However, I found his blog, and while I'm not entirely convinced of his accuracy (no sources for his claims or timeline), I wanted to be thorough about posting what I did find here:

>> the broken link's URL: >> the blog by the same author:

Here's YL's Lacey Act violations detailed...

Here is the video playlist, which YES it's a doTERRA rep speaking...but many doTERRA and Young Living reps were in the courtroom, and got to see the official court documents. Exact text from these documents is featured in the videos on this playlist. Lance McGowan later contacted me and featured my story on his channel as well.

Since I posted this article in December 2017, MANY former YL reps reached out to me privately and confided in me their similar stories.

If you're feeling uneasy about Young Living, know that you're not alone.