WHOA, I made a podcast!

It’s called I Think Differently, and it’s available on most platforms, including Spotify, Podcast Addict, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Google Podcasts (tho Apple is dragging their feet to publish me!).

My podcast is a chatty and slightly inappropriate deep-dive into all the topics you’re not supposed to talk about when you first meet someone.

Here’s the first episode:

Good thing I’ve never felt bound by those social norms, and talk about all kinds of radical and fascinating shit from the moment we connect!

My podcast is like that – weird-fun-cool conversations about stuff that fascinates me, from freebirth and unschooling to <gasp> the ‘rona and religion.

Since I don’t have patience to listen to long-ass podcasts myself (sorry Joe Rogan), mine are 30 minutes or less, with zero ads or promos.

The cover art is a watercolor by my almost-19 year old daughter, who COULD be embarrassed about her MOM having a PODCAST, but instead is super sweet and supportive of my creativity, just like I am of hers.


LOW KEY: This is me and my mic, in my closet office, talking about whatever I’m fired up about in the moment.

These episodes (there’s about ten so far) are not pro-level, super polished things, either.


Because WRITING is the thing I do that’s polished, and I need an outlet that:

  • invites me to USE my voice (hey, self-projected Projector here!)
  • to release the unhelpful impulse for self-censorship
  • to simply speak freely without any agenda, except to press publish and say that I did it!

Did you know? Neurodivergent peeps get hushed a lot…

I’m learning that a lot of neurodivergent peeps have the shared experience of feeling like they plan and obsess, and never get to the finish line with any of their projects or ideas.

So a podcast is also functioning as my own self-therapy to combat that tendency, because I can record an episode without too much panic or planning, and re-wire those neurons who think they’re protecting me from failure…but actually keep me in a state of suspended animation where I THINK about doing things instead of DOING them.

Magic happens when we take action and implement our ideas, instead of letting them die on the vine in our imagination.


So, go listen to my podcast!

Your brain after listening to my podcast

Your mind after listening to my podcast.