Sample Work

It can be hard to tell whether a website build is worth $2000…or $20,000.

So much of web design happens in the background, and is not readily “visible” to a site user or owner.

The real value of a website is not measured in clicks, but in how well it SOLVES PROBLEMS for you.

When you hire me, you’re getting my customized expertise + insight + biz guidance.

The following sites are a few examples of my design & copywriting.

Please review samples of my writing for email campaigns here: Transformational Essentials’ email archive

Please also review my eCourse writing here and here.

I have also written the marketing emails for Marjory Wildcraft’s Home Grown Food Summit and the Home Medicine Summit since Fall 2018.

If you’re looking for a cheap + generic option, try one of those drag-and-drop services, or just keep DIYing it.

There’s no shame in DIY – but once you’re ready to shift out of hobby-biz mode, I’ll be here to help. 

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