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the alchemy of my hospital stay

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my mother: as well as i knew her

rethink birth series part 8 - don't feed the tigers

why is intuitive, undisturbed birth not a priority for more women?

rethink birth series - part 7 - relationships and decisions

parental rights v. slippery slopes

energy update - lion's gate, manifesting, "Jump in!"

creating peace + empathy, neutrality, and boundaries

one big mistake i made as a new mama

what if your life is an expression of art?

nobody can empower you - you've gotta do it yourSelf

self-compassion when facing new choices

life update - back to the countryside

energy update: embody, take action, become magnetic

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unschooling: does freedom include the freedom to self-destruct?

how the law of attraction actually works: birth affirmations

birth pros and medical freedom

parenting without fear

welcome to my brain {a link collection}

are essential oils a scam? it depends on purity

wellness is witchcraft: or, why it's hard to get straight answers about alternative health online

what does health freedom mean, exactly?

a space for me {poem}

truth and discernment

imbolc, water tiger, aquarius new moon

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the one question kids are always asking

do you need 'proof' that unschooling works?

finding my place in the "doula world" ... as a birthkeeper

the planetary split, and life on planet bob

what is this 'Human Design' you speak of?

sickness as body communication

virtual life + leaving the book of faces

what's the opposite of paranoia?

10 reasons why you don't have a dōTERRA account yet (myth-busting)

please, be radically selfish in 2022