This Month’s Specials

July’s doTERRA oil promos are happening now!

Our 10% off product of the month is TerraShield spray – perfect for outdoor fun without all the bitey, buzzing things bothering you, your kids, or your pets!

TerraShield is a blend of essential oils that are recognized around the globe in helping to repel mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and biting flies.

DEET-based insect repellants are really not the best for our overall health, and they’re especially not kind to the tender skin of babies and toddlers.

This convenient purse- or pocket-sized spray is ok to use even for little ones, and it can help our dogs and horses, too!

Get your own bottle of TerraShield spray here, and start enjoying the outdoors again! 

Already have a dōTERRA account? Great! This month, you can get a free bottle of Lime essential oil with your order of 125PV or more, on or before the 15th of the month.

Lime essential oil is uplifting, rejuvenating – and yummy in guacamole! 

It’s one of the oils I’ve featured on my Instagram #OILSTORY posts – 10-second flashes of insight about whatever oil catches my fancy each day.

Click here to learn more about Lime essential oil on my Insta!

Hey! Are you a dōTERRA member but not on Loyalty Rewards yet??

It’s BY far the best way to save and earn free oils and products, and all you have to do is order once per month.

If you’re not a member yet, you can even fast-track yourself to earning up to 25% back on your orders immediately!
<< Here’s the full Loyalty Rewards FAQ >>

What are you waiting for?! Place a Loyalty Rewards order today and enjoy your free bottle of Lime!

THIS is one of the coolest promotions that dōTERRA offers – enrollment bonuses!

If you’ve been curious about starting a new business, or simply want to share the gift of essential oils with a few family and friends – this month, you can earn some of our most exclusive essential oils just as a thank-you for sharing! Here are the full details of the Precious Petals promotion.

NOTE >> This is for anyone who wants to share the oils, whether you want to take this seriously as a business, or you’re just wanting to score some quick freebies!

Even if you help just two people enroll, you’ll get a free bottle of a very precious floral oil that’s not available for purchase anywhere – Cananga essential oil! You can even earn ALL three of these – Rose, Jasmine, and Cananga!

I’d love to help you set up your own business, teach some classes together, and help you dive deeper into your love of natural wellness! Shoot me a message and we can chat, stat!