This Month’s Specials

Boost your immune system this February with dōTERRA!

Here’s your Winter Protection Plan…

With your order of 100pv or more, you’ll get a FREE On Guard Touch
(or a FREE Stronger blend in Canada)

With any 200pv order, you’ll get a free On Guard Touch, PLUS three more freebies:

– 10ml On Guard Touch roller
– On Guard Foaming Hand Wash
– On Guard Hand Sanitizer purse spray

These will “automagically” show up in your shopping cart when your order contains the required PV!

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Not sure what to get? Check out the Winter Protection Collection!

This collection offers a great deal on some of our most important products for Winter wellness. Manuka is worth its weight in gold! Copaiba is our CBD-alternative oil for neurological support, and Breathe oil helps to hydrate sore nasal tissues as nothing else can!

PRO TIP  >>  If you don’t have a diffuser in every bedroom – this one is a perfect addition to your home, because it has NO pilot light to keep you awake at night!

Order this collection by searching for “winter protection” on the doTERRA website!

The US Winter Protection Collection includes:

– The Petal Diffuser
– 15ml Breathe
– 15ml Copaiba oil
– 15ml Rosemary oil
– 5ml Manuka oil
– DDR Prime Softgels

Our 10% off product this month is Yarrow|Pom, our nutritive duo blend

yarrow pom doterra essential oil krystal trammell

Yarrow|Pom is a first-of-its-kind blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil.

The combination of these two oils makes both of them more potent than if they were used apart!

Yarrow|Pom is designed to regulate our inflammatory response, nourish aging skin, and prevent free radical damage.

Take Yarrow|Pom internally as a nutritive supplement (either in a gelcap or dropped directly under the tongue).

Yarrow|Pom is a key ingredient in my pro facial serum because it’s excellent for tired, chapped, or wounded skin on the hands, face, feet – or anywhere that needs some extra nourishment!

Get your Yarrow|Pom 10% off this month

Get free goodies every month with Loyalty Rewards:  

Our February Product of the Month is Ravintsara essential oil…NEW and only available through this promo!

Receive a 5ml bottle of Ravintsara FREE when you place a 125PV Loyalty Rewards order by January 15th.

Ravintsara oil is similar in aroma to eucalyptus and camphor. Antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic, Ravintsara is cleansing to the skin and perfect for home cleaning purposes. It is an invigorating oil that is excellent for massaging into sore muscles, and it’s a key component in our Breathe oil blend.

IMPORTANT – This offer is only for EXISTING dōTERRA account holders.

One of the perks of membership is a free product every month!

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It’s BY far the best way to save and earn free oils and products, and all you have to do is order once per month.
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