What is a Birthkeeper? How Doulas end up as Peacemakers

What is a birthkeeper? A birthkeeper is someone who is reclaiming birth from the medical industrial complex.

Birthkeepers may or may not be doulas or midwives, and may or may not be officially credentialed.

However, birthkeepers are women (yes, women) who recognize that the current system is deeply damaging.

Instead of continuing to work within the system, and witness the re-traumatization of mothers while “holding space” – birthkeepers are calling bullshit and teaching women how to take back their power.

A doula working within scope is always walking a thin line between what her clients need and want, and what she knows the medical system expects from her (i.e. cooperation and compliance, to stay out of their way).

Doulas are often relegated to the role of peacemaker.

For a long time, I’ve reckoned with the peacemaker version of mySelf…the ‘me’ I conjured up in order to survive in a world where I was just too much. Continue reading