Unschooled 6 Year Old Writes Poetry

My now-teenage daughter wrote this when she was 6, almost two years before she knew how to read.

Invented spelling is a THING, y’all.

This child is growing up to have impeccable grammar and spelling, and reads and writes more prolifically (and with more enjoyment) than any schooled child I’ve met.  She has yet to have a single grammar or spelling lesson.

Haw doo you no me  (How do you know me?)

evre weck. (Every week)

i go and se the. (I go and see the)

wrld awt ther. (world out there.)

hawil you se (How will you see)

the wae i no (the way I know?)

hw wil you se (How will you see)

the wrld awt ther (the world out there?)


Deep philosophical things spring up from a child’s mind, thanks to the absence of rote memorization, formal lessons, and schooling.

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