Why I Don’t Offer Reiki or Energy Healing as a Service

I got my third Reiki attunement from very dear friends back in 2016. These friends are powerful energy workers and healers, and I’m happy that we See Each Other in matters both mundane and spiritual. That’s an uncommon friendship feature, when you stop and really think about it.

However, none of us offer our energy healing services to the public in exchange for monetary gain.

Now if you think I’m going to talk about how it’s “un-spiritual” to charge money for energy work in this blog, you are sorely mistaken, friend!

I am 110% in favor of charging for spiritual work because it is REAL WORK.

It takes real time, energy, and effort, and guess what? The real healers I know of still need to pay their rent and buy food and GASP maybe even feel able to go on a retreat or a vacation to support the very real work that they do in the world.

Money is just another form of energy, so if anything, it’s un-spiritual to remain poor and therefore ineffective in a world you wish to help heal….because that world operates on the use of MONEY.

Do you want to seek true spiritual growth?
Then start considering that it’s your sacred duty to become more prosperous

Savvy? Great. Moving on…

Here’s why I don’t offer Reiki as a standalone service that you can one-click-buy, over the internet:

In a phrase – energetic hygiene.

Over time, I have learned that energy work, while “invisible”, comes with potential risks as well as a large opportunity cost, and so it must be undertaken with caution.

Energy work of any sort involves a contract between the souls who agree to participate in it. This includes the “lineage” of those who have passed on their specific traditions and beliefs to you as a practitioner.

As a woman of Hungarian and German descent, I have always known that my personal heritage is that of the healer, the midwife, the witch, the shaman, the seer. I feel it in my bones, as the core of my being.

I am “open” and receptive in ways that the average person probably finds weird, un-relatable…even scary.

That openness is such a gift of insight into the workings of humanity, but it also means that vigilance and maintaining boundaries is key.

You might be a strong swimmer, but you also need the power of discernment to know when NOT to go out to pull somebody back to shore.

Not everyone is yours to save – and yes, most healer-types hate to hear that! Doesn’t make it false.

Learning Reiki did not mean I was being imbued with some power I didn’t have before.

Instead, it was more about providing a defined framework to use that allows me to more precisely and consciously channel the flow and power that I already have.

While I believe that some are more naturally adept at accessing these sorts of gifts…I also believe that each and every one of us is a divine being, and thus, has access to the divine energy of healing.

It all depends on how we choose to pursue that knowledge and make use of it.

Therefore, I feel little loyalty to a particular system or any set of prescribed, external rules.

My brand of energy work is unique, and aligns with my own truth above all.

I encourage you to do your own “vibrational housekeeping”, and if/when you seek an energy treatment from another.

Proceed with caution… 
–If it feels like you’re being pressured, or frightened, into making a decision or working with someone
–If the time you spend with this person (however pleasant) also feels like it comes with expectations
–If you’re told that you have a problem that you can’t solve on your own (while this may be true, an ethical energy practitioner will acknowledge the huge variety of solutions you have)
–If you feel manipulated, obligated, or “hooked” in any way…whether socially, financially, etc

If any of the above feel true, does it mean you’ve found some sort of sleazy darkworker who’s out to get you?

Eh, maybe not. However – don’t ignore your intuition either!

Your path of healing shouldn’t start with you being at the mercy of another, either financially, socially, or intellectually.

If you bring up your concerns and the resulting conversation makes you feel wrong-footed, unsure of yourself…well, that’s another warning sign.

Ideally, you’ll have friends you already know deeply and trust, that you can turn to for energy healing.

If you’re new to all this, it’s 100% okay to go slowly and to trust your gut.

If you don’t have the words to describe why you just feel uneasy around someone – please consider the possibility that your intuition has wisdom your vocabulary and logic don’t yet acknowledge.