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VA Services on Monthly Retainer: “I want regular + professional assistance I can rely on!”

  • Project-based, for example – you’ve got a big launch coming up and need support
  • Marketing support, such as blogging or newsletter creation
  • Other ways I can help: Weekly DIY tech-help or marketing mastermind calls;
  • Emails, social media integration, and/or scheduling;
  • Rates range between $1000 and $1800+
    I’ll evaluate your needs and you’ll pay a set amount per month, no surprises or sticker shock.
    I only accept 1-2 VA clients at a time, to ensure excellent service.
  • Contact me to set up a time to chat + see if we’re a good fit for working together. 

I need a Website: “I’m just starting out in business (or just starting out online)”

  • Get a brand-new WordPress-based website and launch your biz!
  • Marketing help – setting GOALS and creating an action plan to achieve them
  • Refining your offerings & creating packages
  • Help with branding and copywriting
  • Business mindset guidance
  • Basic website security and integration help
  • Peace of mind knowing your site’s being professionally created to meet your specific needs!
  • Average rate between $1800-$2500; payment plans available
    Typical time to launch is 1-2 weeks
  • Contact me to book a free consult. 

Upgrade my Website: “I need my website to work AND look great”

  • You’ve got a website, it’s just not cutting the mustard…
  • Brainstorming and troubleshooting of your current systems
  • In-depth analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and WHY
  • Focus on Content, Marketing, Social Media, and SEO
  • Copywriting & editing assistance
  • Mailing list setup/optimization
  • Custom intake form creation and integration
  • Payment systems analysis/upgrade
  • Membership site options
  • Pro-level security features and site backups
  • Partnership with an expert who cares about your business and has the experience to help you succeed!
  • Average rate between $2500-$4000; payment plans available
    Typical time to launch is 2+ weeks depending on your requirements
  • Contact me for a free consult.

Holistic Mentorship Opportunity: “I want to create my own business with dōTERRA!”

  • I will help you devise TWO plans – one for your business to successfully launch, and the other to get your own health and vitality levelled UP!
  • Weekly accountability calls include product education, online building skills, personal growth reading, and MUCH more
  • This is a minimum 6-month commitment of working together on your goals & dreams – both personal and financial!
  • This opportunity is reserved for those who join my dōTERRA team with a Natural Solutions, Every Oil, or Diamond kit.

Allison Coleman of says…

Krystal has been a pleasure to work with. Once she started designing and building my site the process was fast. I now have a beautiful site that functions in a way that serves my clients and I very well.

Krystal did the research to find me systems she put in place to make class registration and payments streamlined and easy. This has resulted in improving our numbers of attendees!

After working with Krystal on my website, I realized what a treasure she is and hired her to work as my virtual assistant. Krystal keeps me organized.

She does the background work so that I can keep being the face of my company!

Let me work in my zone of genius, while you work in yours.  That’s just good business sense.  Plus, I love helping heart-centered entrepreneurs get their dreams launched!

Tech help can be simple, complex, or anything in between. If you’re looking for a cheap + generic option, I’m not it.

Anybody can find a free drag-and-drop editor and have a website in an afternoon–but that may not be capable of meeting your needs. All websites are not created equally!

Nikki Marterre says…

“Krystal Trammell was a lifesaver when it came to renovating my website, managing my businesses social media accounts, improving my SEO and beefing up security on my site.

“She was flexible, knowledgeable and creative, not to mention reliable! Now my website is beautiful, navigates easily and has many features such as online document signing and Paypal features that regularly come in handy.”

Mary Perrone says..

“Krystal created my website and I attended one of her business workshops. I had no experience building a website (and no interest!). A colleague referred me to Krystal. She took on my project and did a great job.

“She is reliable and available for my questions. Her writing skills saved me! Krystal is informed in marketing a business, PayPal, and computer technology.”

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Get in touch today to request a free consult.