Yarrow|Pom Essential Oil – New dōTERRA Oils 2018

New oils #1: Yarrow|Pom!

I’m so excited to see dōTERRA heading toward herbalism with the release of the Yarrow|Pom oil combo.

Yarrow has been a potent herbal ally for ages, and the latest science shows that adding cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil makes both parts of this combo work better together!

From my Convention notes….

Yarrow is chemically similar to potent Blue Tansy. The blue color indicates strong antioxidant activity.

Used medicinally for centuries, Yarrow oil is great for purging, relieving, protecting, and grounding.

Yarrow helps the limbic system to connect and communicate with the cortex–in other words, it helps our brain systems to reconnect with each other.

Yarrow is also beneficial for circulation, metabolism and digestion, and as a blood tonic. It also contains phytocannabinoids (like Copaiba!) that connect with our CB1 receptors. (CBD oil connects with our CB2 receptors)

There is NO thujone in our Yarrow|Pom oil blend so it can safely be taken internally.

Yarrow is an essential oil–but Pomegranate Seed oil is NOT an essential oil, it’s an essential fatty acid (EFA).

Yarrow has biological benefits, while Pom has nutritional benefits!

Yarrow|Pom contains CLA (an important Omega 5), and punicic acid, which supports the liver and pancreas.

Finally, yarrow and pomegranate seed oil are both deeply nourishing to the skin.

dōTERRA’s Yarrow|Pom blend is available for sale now.

It comes in a 30mL bottle (that’s 2x the size of most large essential oil bottles).

BUT if you want to get started with essential oils now, I recommend getting a kit. Check out this link to see the best enrollment options and specials for this month!

Just want to check out Yarrow|Pom by itself? Click here to see the official product page.

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